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5 Early Morning Activities To Make Your Day More Productive

  1. Here are some early morning activities meant to help you be more productive with your day. Reading a book for 45 minutes. Starting your morning  with a book is a great way to get your brain woken up for the day. Setting aside 45 minutes when your first wake early in the morning up to read can help clear your mind and relieve your body of any stress. The brain is a muscle and working it in the morning will help you prepare for whatever the day has to offer you. This will make you sharper and more attentive to any tasks you take on throughout the day. Also, reading for 45 minutes will allow you to read about 50 pages of your book. So, if a book were to be 500 pages, you could finish it in just 10 days and move on to another one. This method could also be used for any students studying for a test. Waking up and reading for 45 minutes can help you prepare for any exams or upcoming work for the specific class. What better way to tackle your day than by having your brain fully worked by the time most people are just starting to wake up. Give it a try and you’ll see just how many books you’ll be able to read in a year. 

  1. Head to the gym for an hour. Just like reading is a great way to stimulate your mind, working out is an amazing way to get your body ready to go for the day. Working out 4 to 5 days a week for an hour in the morning can help you get in shape quickly while also helping you get energized for the day. Sticking to an early workout routine will help you achieve whatever goal you set for yourself in just a few weeks. Getting back home afterwards while the sun is still rising, will make you eager to tackle on the rest of your tasks set for the day. Working out in the morning is also the best time for your body to burn fat and for a lot of people that struggle in losing weight, this can be a great way to start your transformation without moving around your schedule too much. Working out in the morning also help you sleep better at night. So, for those who struggle to get to sleep, this could be a great way to get a few more hours of rest in. Working out will become one of your favorite early morning activities. 

  1. Planning for your day. Now this one might be a little simpler, but for people who struggle with finishing their daily tasks or take on too many things at once, this may be one of the best early morning activities. Get yourself a planner or wall calendar and set aside 20 to 30 minutes of your morning to help determine what you are going to do on that day. Once you have your schedule for the day set up, it’ll be easier for you to prepare. You’ll be able to move through your day a lot more efficiently and a better idea on how you’re going to tackle the specific task. Planning your day in the morning can also help your sense of urgency and help you realize just exactly how much you must do. Planning your tasks also gives you the ability to be able to set up any last-minute things that might come up. Say a friend wants to get lunch, you’ll be able to see around what time you’ll be one with one task and how much time you have until you start the next one. As a bonus it can also be very relaxing to decorate your agenda or calendar however you like.

  1. Cook yourself a healthy breakfast. Cooking can be a nice and easy relaxing way to start your morning. Making yourself a nice breakfast can be very beneficial to your overall health and mood for the day. Waking up with enough time to make yourself breakfast is essential to getting in a good mood for your day. When people don’t eat breakfast, depending on their work schedules, they can go 7 hours with no food in their stomachs. This can lead to feeling sluggish, getting annoyed and aggravated easily. Eating a healthy breakfast every morning will also help your brain wake up and help you concentrate more on any tasks you will go on to do. There is also a self-pleasure of starting off the day with something to do that is for yourself and no one else. It’s a positive form of self-love that will carry you on through the day. While most of your peers will start their day with nothing in their stomachs, you’ll already have the energy and determination to get through your day ass quickly and effectively as possible. Cooking yourself a nice meal might be one of the more fun early morning activities. 

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  1. Engage in Meditation. A lot of people tend to link meditation with religion. Meditation does not to be religious at all. As one of the most relaxing early morning activities, meditation can be a very relaxing way to clear your mind and remove any negativity that might affect you later in the day or in the week. A lot of people wake up and they are already stressed or upset about something that either happened on the previous day or about something they have to do later. Wake up early and give yourself 20 to 30 minutes of self-meditation and reflection to help you leave all that extra baggage in the past. If you are nervous about something coming up in the day, this can also be a very effective way of calming yourself and to tell yourself that you got this. This act is also a very positive way of getting to remind yourself of how amazing you are. Self-love is a very powerful way of getting your mind in a positive mood and tackling the day with nothing but love will keep you strong. Meditation is a great way to get in sync with your mind and to ease yourself before you get on with your day. 

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