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5 Docu-Drama TV Series That Are More Drama Than Documentary

Docu-drama TV series are my family’s favorite type of show to watch. Documentaries usually mean they are educational in some way and drama means there’s a lot added to the show to make it more entertaining. There are some docu-dramas that are a little bit more dramas than documentaries, though, and those ones are the best.

Netflix always has new docu-drama TV series that they created. That’s where we find most of the docu-dramas we watch. But the History Channel on TV also has some really good docu-dramas to watch. It’s not that the docu-drama is exaggerated, necessarily. The director just wanted to make sure people would actually want to watch it, so they decided to add drama parts that aren’t really part of the documentary itself.

1. Project Blue Book

This is my favorite docu-drama TV series, and it’s on the History Channel. There are only two seasons, though, because the History Channel canceled it since not many people were watching it. The series is about aliens and ufos. It’s a lot better than it sounds, though. It’s more focused on the people than the aliens.

The series follows Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Captain Michael Quinn, played by Aidan Gillen and Michael Malarkey. Dr. Hynek is an astrophysics teacher in a college in Ohio and Captain Quinn is an Air Force captain. They team up to prove that aliens and ufos don’t actually exist. Only, both of them start to believe in aliens. Project Blue Book is a real Air Force project, but the series adds way more drama than the project produced. They switched some of the events around so it makes more sense and some of the people aren’t real people. It’s definitely worth the watch, though.

2. The Crown

My mom’s favorite docu-drama TV series on Netflix right now is The Crown. It’s definitely a lot more drama than it is a documentary, but it is a very good show and I highly recommend you watch it. Only four seasons are on Netflix now, but they’re making at least two more seasons.

This docu-drama TV series is about Queen Elizabeth II. It starts when she gets married to Prince Philip and she becomes queen. The series gets a little weird after that. They exaggerated a lot, and you can’t really tell what was real or what they made up. Some episodes have a little summary at the end of some of the events they talked about if they really happened. That makes it really easy to research the episode and figure out what really happened. In those episodes, the exaggeration wasn’t too bad, but that usually means that they made up a lot in the other episodes. It’s still a good show with all of the added drama, though.

3. Chernobyl

This docu-drama TV series isn’t as bad as the other two are on the drama side, but they did exaggerate some of the events. This is a mini-series, so there wasn’t a lot of room to make it drama-filled. This is also on Netflix, so that’s why it was more drama than documentary.

The docu-drama TV series is about Chernobyl, which was the biggest nuclear power plant explosion in history. It happened in the Soviet Union in April of 1986. It is fascinating to watch and I would recommend you do watch it. The series starts at the explosion, and it goes through the whole story. It recounts the story of the people who caused the explosion and the people who responded to the explosion. The series is based on books the director read and people he talked to who lived through the explosions. They dramatized it a little bit so people wouldn’t know they were learning something.

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4. Tiger King

This docu-drama is definitely more drama than documentary, though it really did happen. I have never watched this series before, so everything I learned is from my brother or from researching it for this article. So if anything is wrong, don’t get mad at me.

The docu-drama TV series is on Netflix, so obviously there’s some exaggeration in it. Joe Exotic is a zookeeper in Oklahoma. The series is about a feud between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, who is an animal rights activist. Joe Exotic says she’s just a rival zookeeper whose goal is to get rid of other big cat enthusiasts. The series is an eight-episode mini-series. It sounds like it would be a good series to watch, but since I haven’t seen it yet, I cannot highly recommend you watch it. If you do watch it, though, and it’s a good show, let me know and I’ll watch it when I have time. I just hope no animals were harmed in real life.

5. The Food That Built America

This docu-drama TV series is a History Channel show, so it’s a little less drama than the Netflix shows I talked about. But it definitely is more drama than a documentary normally is. This is a show I would definitely recommend for anyone who likes U.S. history or the history of food.

This docu-drama TV series talks about the people who created the food we love today. It goes into the fights they’ve had with each other over who actually invented the food. It definitely has a lot of drama that most documentaries about food wouldn’t include. They just wanted people to watch the show, which they will if they give it a chance. The Food That Built America is a very good show about the history of food and America. Watch an episode and you will really like it. You’ll want to keep watching the whole series because it is that good. I love this show and I’ve seen the whole series so far.

There are so many docu-drama TV series out there that I’m sure I missed some of the big ones. If I missed your favorite one, feel free to leave it in the comment section below!

Megan Abruzzese

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