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5 Date Ideas That Are Perfect For Spring

At last, winter is gone and the weather has taken a turn for the better. Spring is the best season to enjoy time outside with that special someone. So grab your significant other and try these five romantic date ideas that are perfect for spring!

1. For the active couple.

Take a hike! Taking a hike is the perfect date in the spring, especially if you’re both really active. Did I mention it’s pretty darn romantic too?

2. For the nature lovers.

With botanical gardens not being open year round, now is the perfect chance to go and enjoy all sorts of beautiful blooms. Take in the aroma of the flowers and walk around the stunning scenery. Because what girl doesn’t love gardens filled with flowers?

3. For the sports fanatics.

Whether you’re into sports or not, sporting events always make for an exciting date. And who knows, maybe you’ll learn a little something and take an interest in your date’s favorite team.

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4. For the hopeless romantics.

Want to really impress your date? Make him or her a great homemade meal and bring it on a picnic date! A picnic is one of the best ways to enjoy time together outside. Picnics are perfect for spring, and they make for an enjoyable and relaxing date.

5. For the foodies.

Enjoy the spring weather by eating at an outdoor restaurant. Food plus nice weather equals satisfied couple!

What are some other date ideas that are perfect for spring? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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Angela Gattuso

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