5 Cute Dog Instagram Profiles You Need To Follow RN

A cute dog makes any day better. Chances are, if you are a dog person, you follow more dogs than celebrities on Instagram. Unless you count famous Instagram dogs as celebrities. Which you probably should, for the record. If you’ve been looking to expand your collection of cute dog Instagram profiles, be sure to add these to the list.

1. minidoseofdill

This is one cute dog if I’ve ever seen one. If you like Aussies (the puppies, not the people) then this is the Instagram for you. This mini ball of fluff will bring so much joy to your feed. The captions are also quite funny and will warm your dog-loving heart. Besides, how can you resist these big brown eyes?

Beware though, on Instagram Dill says he breaks hearts for a living.

5 Cute Dog Instagram Profiles You Need To Follow RN

2. copper.and.lily

You know what’s better than one cute dog, two cute dogs. Double trouble alert! If you follow this Instagram you are twice as likely to say “awww”. This labradoodle duo is so heart-warming. Copper is a therapy dog in training! And lily has a puppy dog face that can compel you to do anything. Not only that, but if you are a dog owner yourself, you could find some cute/useful items on their Instagram that you may want to get for your own cute dog.

And they’re wearing matching bows!

5 Cute Dog Instagram Profiles You Need To Follow RN

3. wanderlust_samoyed

If you love travel, you will fall in love with Felix. This adventurous cute dog is spreading its charm all over the world. With 21 countries already seen, this 2-year-old boy from Germany will take you on a great Instagram adventure. The fact that he travels also means that you get not only pictures of a cute dog, but also pictures of a cute dog on a cute background. This is a travel Instagram like no other and you will wonder where Felix was in all the other beautiful landscapes that you see on your feed.

Look at that smile!

5 Cute Dog Instagram Profiles You Need To Follow RN

4. teemoweemowigglebooty

This is not only a cute dog, but a funny dog. This Instagram features pictures of Teemo with some funny captions over the photos and poems in the captions. I know, that’s a lot of entertainment value (and a lot of captions).  It’s basically cute dog memes but better. Check out this poem:

I can’t have my cake and eat it too, 

But I can halve my cake 

and eat with you

It’s really adorable. I don’t see how you can miss out on following this cute dog.

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I bet you’d want to be trapped inside with this Corgi.

5 Cute Dog Instagram Profiles You Need To Follow RN


Another adventurer on our list. Boomer is described on Instagram as a ‘not-so miniature Goldendoodle puppy’. A very handsome good boy who judging by Instagram loves his family and hikes. On his Instagram, you will find not only pictures of his most recent adventures, but also some adorable shots from when he was a little baby boy. He’s on the featured picture! A very very cute dog.

He was the biggest in his litter so they called him BOOMER.

5 Cute Dog Instagram Profiles You Need To Follow RN

6. Bonus: verwolft

It’s really hard to pick only five cute dogs on Instagram because there are so many. This short list started out as a very very long list and it’s really hard saying no to cute dogs. That’s why there’s a bonus. This is not a regular cute dog. This is Milo the wolf born. This cutie also has a YouTube channel “A wolf life”. Milo is fluffy and adventures and his owners take great pictures. So it’s definitely worth checking out this majestic yet cute dog.

Cuteness overload!

5 Cute Dog Instagram Profiles You Need To Follow RN

What are your favourite dog Instagrams? Did you recognise any on this list? Comment below!

Featured image source: Instagram.com
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