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5 Cute DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas

5 Cute DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas


It’s always fun to get all dolled up with makeup, but where are you supposed to put your bushes, palettes, and lipsticks when you’re not using them? Don’t throw them all over the floor or onto your desk! Instead, use these super cute DIY makeup organizer ideas to store the clutter.

1. Washi Tape Cups

You know those Morton salt containers? Those work perfectly for this DIY makeup organizer – you just need to cut out the top and peel off the label. You could always just use regular paper cups too (stick to white). Get snazzy and line them with patterned Washi tape! Collect all of your eyeliners and mascaras and put them in one cup, your lipsticks and pencils in another, and makeup brushes in yet another.  Take a label or piece of tape and mark the bin so that you won’t mix your items up!

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2. Shoe Box Organizer

Do you happen to have an empty shoe box lying around? If not…this project might be a good excuse to go out and buy a new pair of shoes! Check out this easy video on how to transform a plain old shoe box into the perfect adorable organizer – perfect for makeup items, not just school supplies. You can decorate the container with colorful wrapping paper, or if you’re a little more artsy draw your own design on a plain piece of paper.



3. Hanging Mason Jars

Bags, boxes and containers can sometimes be a huge waste of space. If you have some
extra area on your wall to spare, why not take advantage and hang up your makeup! That may sound a little weird to you, but I promise, it totally looks cute. Buy or find some empty mason jars and gather twine and wall hooks. Basically you will wrap the twine around the lip of the jar (that will hold your makeup) and hang this twin from the wall hook. There is a great tutorial here on how to do so securely. Decorate the jar with ribbons or whatever else you choose to make it your own!

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4. Re-purposed Vases

Have any spare glasses or clear vases around? Get inventive and use them to hold your
brushes. Buy some stones or colored sand and fill up the vase about half way. Now just simply stick your brushes inside with the handle part down. So cute!

5. DIY Shoe…I Mean…Makeup Organizer

Here’s a super simple DIY makeup organizer idea. Just purchase one of those over the door shoe organizers, or hang one from a hook on your door with a hanger and just store all of your makeup in the different compartments. This is especially great for those makeup lovers who have more products than they know what to do with! You could even take permanent markers and label each section so you don’t mix anything up.


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