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5 Crafts To Curb Boredom

With school back in session and cloudy whether right around the corner, it can be difficult to keep entertained. With so much going on in our daily lives, it’s hard to find some time for ourselves. Yet when we do, we often get bored. How do you get out of this dilemma? Soceity19 has the answers! Here are 5 crafts to curb your boredom.

Making bracelets is a fun way to cure boredom and is great for gifts.

1. Making bracelets

Yes, we all made bracelets in kindergarten. But did you know that these are bracelet making kits for adults? These bracelets turn out stunning and are great for idle hands and gift giving. And the best part? And unlike some crafts, they are totally customizable to your style. Adult bracelet kits come with a variety of beads including jades, quarts and terracotta. These beads come in various patterns, shapes and designs that fit any style. This craft is great for when you want to sit in front of the tv and keep yourself busy. When you feel like turning your boredom into something beautiful, try this craft out. 

This craft is great when you have several hours of free time.

2. Hot Beads Bumble Bees

While this craft can be a little more time consuming than the others, the finished product is well worth it. Hot bead bumble bees are a fun creative way to decorate any outside patio or living room. All you’ll need is fuse beads, wax paper, an iron, fairy lights and hot glue. First, take your fuse beads and make the designs of the bumble bees, make sure you leave jagged ends. Placing one bead in an alternative pattern at the end,like a puzzle piece. Do the same to the other side. Then, create the head and the back doing the same pattern but make the jagged portion going the opposite way of the previous sides. That way the beads will fuse and fit like puzzle pieces when they are formed together. When you’re ready, place the wax paper over your beads and carefully iron them. Once you have created your fuse bead bumble bees, take your fairy lights and insert them inside. Clip them shut and watch as you have a beautiful buzzing new light fixture. 

This craft is great for adding that sparkle back in your life.

3. Bedazzle Guns

While this craft has been around for ages, it still is so much fun! Bedazzle guns are cheap and easy to use. And the best part? You can use them on anything. Tired of that worn faded pair of jeans? Bedazzle them! With new shimmering designs that will draw attention to your new look. Are you bored with your phone case or key chain? Bedazzle it with all the colors of the rainbow. Bedazzle guns will bring back the shine in your life while curbing your boredom. This craft is great for livening up any object around the house while also keeping you busy for several hours. I personally like to draw my designs beforehand,indicating which colors I want. Then, I take my bedazzle gun and go to town creating something that shines. And while bedazzle crafts have been around for ages, the fun you will have is timeless. 

This craft is a great way to make something meaningful and lasting.

4. Making Tie Dye Shirts

While this is probably one of the more messier crafts out there, the finished product will last you a lifetime. And the best part, it’s fun! I have personally found that the more people you make tie dye shirts with the more fun this craft is. First, buy a white plain shirt. I personally like to go to thrift stores or Marshall’s. You can get better shirts, with higher thread counts so when you make your color magic, it looks professional. And it’s something you’ll want to wear. Then, you’ll need to buy fabric dye. This is sold in essentially any craft store around the United States. Or if you’re looking for some more unique color combinations, try shopping in online stores, such as Amazon. Next, you’ll need rubber bands and a lot of them! You’ll want at least a pack of 100 just to be sure. You’ll also want a larger container, one for each color of your dye. This craft is best done outside or in a garage. Anywhere you don’t mind having a bit of a mess. Take your white shirt and begin bunching up the fabric and securing it with the rubber bands. These sections will indicate where the dye is going to be soaking up. Note, if you want a little extra flair to your shirt, take a crayon or a wax pen and draw designs on the white shirt. This will make it so that when your shirt is dyed that portion will stay white and reveal your cute design. Next, soak your shirt in the dye you want. I prefer not to soak my entire shirt in it. Rather, I like to dip just a portion of the shirt that I want to be that color. Let it soak for at least 10 minutes. The longer you let it soak, the darker the color will be. So this is all about your personal preference. If you’re looking for some pastel colors, don’t let your shirt soak as long. You can also add some water to the dye. After you have dyed your shirt to your liking, let it dry for a moment before removing the rubber bands. Spread out your finished product and let dry completely before enjoying your new colorful look. 

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Painting your phone case is a great craft when you’re looking to add some personal flair.

5. Painting Your Phone Case

Feeling artsy but don’t know where to start? Painting your phone case is a fun and fast way to give your phone a new look. This craft is great for those who have clear cases or are just done with their current phone case but don’t want to spend the money on a new one. And unlike other crafts, this one isn’t terribly time consuming. It’s one of those crafts that can either take several hours or a few  minutes depending on the detail you want.  For this craft I recommend acrylic paint. Nail polish also works just fine! First, sketch your design in a light ball point pen, pencil or marker. Then, put your paints on a plate with a cup of water and a paper towel for dabbing. Paint your beautiful artwork and let it dry. Then, add a clear coat. A nail polish clear coat works great for this! Let dry and enjoy your new look! 

In this day and age, it’s hard to fill our days with constant activity. Boredom can creep up on us. But it doesn’t have to stay. With these craft ideas, you can kiss your boredom goodbye.

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