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5 Cheap Things You Must Add To Your Bedroom

5 Cheap Things You Must Add To Your Bedroom

In need of a bedroom makeover but can’t afford the fancy decor? Or maybe you’re finally moving out of your parents house; congratulations! It’s your lucky day because I’m here to save you the time researching new ideas with this budget-friendly list of 5 things you MUST add to your bedroom!

1. Lights!

Starting off strong, lights are one of the biggest bedroom trends right now. No, I’m not talking about just a lamp or fan light. I’m talking lights that bring your bedroom to life, creates the vibe, transforms your relaxation zone all together. Changing it up from the traditional LED lights, you can go for a gentle and cozy vibe with hanging yellow lights, which you can get in different styles like stars, hearts, leaves, and more. But my favorite look is a galaxy or ocean style. There are light projectors that made for rooms that can be compared to those Christmas light projectors people use when they don’t feel like climbing on their roof to use hanging lights. Most, if not all of the small light projectors come with color changing settings so you can customize your room to whatever vibe you’re feeling! And best of all, most of them even have bluetooth settings so you can change the lights without even getting up from your bed! This also means it can usually be set up to work with a smart device which I’m getting into next!



2. Alexa, iHome, Etc.

A smart device like an Alexa or iHome are a must for your bedroom. This room is for lounging and relaxing, so it’s no surprise once you hit your bed you won’t feel like getting up. Well, you can connect your Alexa to your lights, tv, or even fan! It can connect to pretty much anything as long as you have the matching smart device (like a smart tv or smart lightbulbs) to work in par with your Alexa. Not only can you use your Alexa for when you’re too comfortable to get up, but can use it for a range of other things such as playing study music, in need of an alarm clock, looking for recipes to cook that day, or even some daily motivation by simply asking your smart device for a quote. It’s such a small convenient device you wouldn’t even think of needing, until you get one and think, “how did I live without one?” When not in use you can set up a slideshow of your own photos as a wallpaper, or a randomized wallpaper, with the time and date so it sits very nicely in your bedroom, making the perfect decor on your nightstand.

3. Desktop With Storage Space

If you’re a student, work at home, like to draw or read, this one is needed for you. A desk in your bedroom can be used for a lot of different things which is why if you don’t have one, you’ll most likely be needing one. A good work space is important for doing homework, studying, and working from home. Yes sitting in your bed is comfortable, but it’s not the right environment to really get you going. Sitting in a chair (it can be a comfy chair too!) improves posture and decreases back problems. Even if you’re not using it work homework, it’s a great space for hobbies like drawing, sketching, writing, or reading. With different materials such as colored pencils or pencil and eraser shavings, it’s best to use a desk because you don’t want to be feeling those shavings on your bed when you’re trying to go to sleep. Not to mention a desk is the best surface for paper, rather than using a folder or notebook as a flat surface when sitting on your bed, which again, can negatively effect your back from naturally slouching since there’s nothing against your back. In addition to having a desk, storage compartments, drawers, or holders are great to have for all your supplies and needs. You can keep reading material, drawing material, or extra paper and pencils right at your hands on your desk so you won’t have to get up searching your room for it. It keeps your entire workspace organized which is also good for a perfect work environment!

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4. Multi-Port Outlets

This next item will ease a lot of nerves and become the biggest convenience to your bedroom. A multi-port outlet might not seem too important, but as a student your outlets can get pretty jammed up between laptop chargers and different devices. No one likes when you’re almost done a final or huge essay and your computer dies on you without the change to save anything. What a coincidence that it can be used right next to your desktop and with your new room lights and Alexa! Even things such as phone and smart watch chargers, tv plugs, or even study lamps and candles can get to be a lot in your room making you stuck with extra cords with no where to plug it in. A multi-port outlet can take that stress away and even make your room look nicer, preventing the use of extension cords or unplugged cords just sitting around. They even sell ports that you can use just for the cord portion, meaning like a phone charger without the fat box portion that you’re always losing. Adding more decorations to my own phone, I found using these ports helped save room from using big, bulky boxes all the time. It’s definitely the small, affordable item that everyone need right now in their bedroom!

5. Mirrors (Guys, you need them too!)

Now this may be a no brained for girls, but mirrors are actually just as useful for guys too! I only say that because I know a lot of guys who don’t have one and think they don’t need one. But checking how you look before you leave is important! Having a mirror conveniently located in your bedroom saves you time from having to run around the house looking for a mirror. Sometimes when you’re getting ready it’s not so easy to pick out an outfit, especially if you’re trying to dress to impress for a date or work event. What’s great about a bedroom mirror is that there’s a lot of space for it that gives you the option to get a full body mirror to check out those shoes too! Or maybe you just want to see how good your behind looks (I know you secretly do it too). It’s important to know how you look sometimes or seeing if that new hairstyle actually looks good, especially if it fits right with your outfit. Even in a small bedroom, I would recommend getting a hanging mirror which you can hang from your door and still allows you to shut it all the way. So just as you’re heading out, you can quickly check your appearance, walking out with confidence!

You’re bedroom is going to be stunning after adding some of these accessories, you’re never going to want to leave! Which things would you get? Comment below some of the items you didn’t even think of that you’re adding to your cart right now!