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5 Cheap Plant Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Dorm Come to Life

Dorm living can be a great experience, yet dorm room decorating can be difficult. If you’re not careful, dorms can look desolate and devoid of life.  It can make your dorm feel sterile without that personal touch. And to make it more complicated, there are so many questions to answer when deciding on your dorm room decor. Do you want patterns? Solid colors? Bright colors? Soft colors? With so many choices and designs,it’s hard to find the perfect pick to make your dorm room feel like home. Society19 is here to help. Here are 4 cheap plant decor ideas that will make your dorm room come to life. 

Fake succulents are great fast and easy to add that color pop to your dorm room decor.

1. Fake Succulents

Are you looking for beautiful decor but don’t have a green thumb? No problem, these beauties will go with any dorm room decor. And while there is a stigma around them, they can actually be quite beautiful. They come in a wide variety of colors including green, purple and multi-colored. And the best part, they don’t need any water! These beauties will stay green forever and are perfect for any dorm room centerpiece. These succulents are relatively cheap, ranging about $30 for a pack of 5. They are also sold in craft stores. Personally, I prefer shopping online, like on Amazon, because of their variety. In addition to the variety of colors, they also come with a variety of beautiful pots. The patterns range from beautiful granite textures to bright terracotta patterns. There is a fake succulent for any color decor or design. If you want a fast fresh look for your dorm that you don’t have to water, try a fake succulent. 

Succulent dishes add that subtle beautiful color of nature to your dorm room.

2. Succulent Dishes

These lovely succulents are a true testament to nature’s beauty. Not only are these plants low maintenance, requiring little water, their colors are stunning. Succulents come in a wide range of size, colors and shapes. There are arrangements to fit any dorm room decor. And while live succulents are a little more of an investment, ranging from $30 to $50, their beauty is well worth it. Some of these succulent dishes come in large rectangular planters that can be placed outside or around a nice porch. If your dorm has a wide open window, these beauties will thrive perfectly. Be careful about over watering these. If they get too much water, they turn brown and begin to wilt and rot. They prefer water once a week. Make sure you water these away from a window and place them in a sink. They will drain and you don’t want water all over your windowsill. The soils can range in a variety of beautiful textures as well, from the bright soft texture of shavings to the deep dark earth towns of clay soil. Succulents do have surface level roots so you must be careful in handling them during their infant stages. They can be quite fragile to touch and may require the occasional TLC. Overall, these babies are minimum maintenance with the maximum wow factor. If you want to add some beautiful life into your dorm room, try these succulent dishes. 

If you’re looking for a little color pop in your dorm room decor. These beauties are perfect for you!

3. Lunar Cacti

These prickly pretties are great to add that extra color pop to any dorm room. These lunar cactuses come in bright popping colors of hot pink, bright yellow, neon orange and more. If they are taken care of, they even bloom beautiful bright flowers. These cacti can be found in any store including Walmart or online stores. And a major plus is that they are so cheap! Lunar cacti are about $10 to $15, pot included. Lunar Cactuses require minimal water and bright indirect sunlight. If you’re looking for that color pop in your dorm room, these cactuses are a must try. These bright beauties appreciate water once a week and thrive in bright indirect sunlight. I personally recommend putting them in windowsill to add that extra color pop, while making your cacti happy and healthy.  If you want to turn heads in your dorm room, lunar cacti are the perfect attention getters. 

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Hanging succulents are perfect for adding some life to your dorm decor, without taking up shelf space.

4. Hanging Succulents

While these succulents are a little more expensive and require a little more maintenance, their beauty is well worth it. The glass captures the lights and shines bright in a windowsill. These beauties come in many shapes and arrangements. And there are even kits where you can make your own! There are various customized sands and colors. Some of the most common sand colors are soft blue, white and black. The succulents range from beautiful green, soft browns and deep reds. This is also a great craft idea for a rainy day. Online stores, such as Amazon, sell the glass hanging vases that allow you to customize your own succulent look. Yet these beauties can be a little on the expensive side if you decide to make them. From my personal experience, the most expensive portion of this craft is the glass hanging vase itself. Some vases can range upwards of $50. The cheapest ones that I have found are as low as $30. Still, making this decor perfect for your college budget. Also, if you don’t feel like art’s crafts, no problem! You can get them pre-made! These also range from about $30 to $50. Plus you do have to water these plants carefully and must take them down, gently removing the succulents to soak up their week’s worth of water. If you have a bright window and some love to give, these hanging succulents are perfect for you. 

Dorm room decorating can be difficult and time consuming. We have to get creative trying to keep our dorm rooms looking cute, while also staying in our college budgets. Whether you’re looking for bright popping colors, or the subtle greens of nature, succulents are perfect for any dorm room living. They are durable and require minimum water and effort to keep your dorm looking fabulous. These dorm room decor ideas are great for minimizing cost and effort and great for fabulous results.

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