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5 Celebrity Instagram Posts to Replicate

Social media is everything. Sharing your life on apps like Instagram is one way we stay connected to each other and maybe do some shameless showing off, too. During college, we finally get to live life the way we want to, without having to ask permission. Living on your own for the first time, and finding out who you are as a person is a huge step. Using Instagram as a way to document this change is a great way to look back at how much you’ve grown. Taking inspiration from 5 celebrities, here are some of their Instagram posts to replicate to capture yourself in similar moments and freshen up your Instagram page:

1. Lisa Asano

Known under the handle @speckledbrownie, Lisa Asano grew to fame after going viral on Tiktok for making pottery. Her Instagram is so beautiful as she is gorgeous and takes lovely photos for her feed. Something about her Instagram account gives off natural, earthy, and relaxing vibes. It’s a calming space, her Instagram is. This picture below takes the classic car selfie and brings it to another level. Who knew adding white faux fur to the ceiling of your car was even possible? Lisa radiates beauty in this picture, that’s not even a question. The bright blue sky visible through the window and the sunroof provides good lighting. The added touch of the fur changes the picture up, not saying that this is required but maybe you can find something else, like flowers or a fun sticker, that shows in your picture to draw attention to your followers to get that like! Follow Lisa’s example and you can create your own elevated car selfie to post on Instagram.

2. Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo should be voted 2021’s Woman of the Year. For dropping a record breaking album, SOUR, Olivia Rodrigo puts into words just how brutal a breakup can be. She takes the saying “a rainbow can only appear after the rain” and turns it into her image. The glow up that happens every time we go through a breakup shows us that we can rise above anything. And Olivia Rodrigo continues to do just that. Her sense of style is unique to herself, inspiring followers to embrace themselves and feel confident in anything they’d like to wear. This Instagram post is super easy to replicate. Many Gen Z’ers are already familiar with the roof of the parking garage picture. Wear a statement making outfit like Olivia does in this picture, style your hair in a fun way, and you’ll have a sassy pic to post to your Instagram just like the spicy pisces herself.

3. Lily-Rose Depp

Lily-Rose Depp, the stunning actress and model is of course someone who you could replicate any of her Instagram posts (and fashion!) and make into your own. Honing in on the French cool girl vibe, Lily-Rose Depp embraces her roots and has culminated a visually pleasing Instagram page. The photo down below is uniquely shot as it isn’t a basic mirror selfie. Rather by taking the photo from behind and looking into the mirror at herself, we see her in a different light, offering more angles. The black and white edit also adds depth to the picture, highlighting shape and drawing you into look at her reflection in the mirror. The design of the mirror itself is also really cool, hopefully you have a cool mirror to pose in front of like Lily-Rose! Try this mirror picture shot instead of a mirror selfie to achieve the look of an authentic French girl, and up the standards of your Instagram page.

4. Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain, we all know, love and adore her for being so relatable and her influence on Gen Z fashion. The 20 year old “Queen of Youtube” Emma Chamberlain knows how to take a good picture, be it to show off an outfit, her cats, or where she is traveling. Emma knows the ins and outs of a camera, and is always one step ahead of every fashion trend. No wonder she was invited to the Met Gala this year!

Honestly, you can take any of Emma Chamberlain’s Instagram posts and use them as inspiration. This picture in particular is cute in the way that she is tagging along in the recent trend of the scarf and sunglasses combination. You too can join in on the trend, taking the dramatic look in any setting will sure tell your followers that you are up to date on the latest trends in fashion, and follow youth icon Emma Chamberlain.

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5. Bella Hadid

When you think of modeling, you think of Bella Hadid. Bella Hadid is a supermodel icon, and incredibly beautiful. She is able to capture so much in a picture, tell a story, and has the ability to make anything look good. While many of her posts would be difficult to replicate as she is advertising her model gigs, this fun, flirty Instagram post would be so cute to replicate! The sleeked-back top of her hair tied back into a ponytail with coily curls, the gorgeously black sequined dress paired nicely with gem earrings, and fresh, dewy makeup is such a look, you’ll have to recreate this one yourself! Why not go all out and copy the whole look? It’s stunning! Then, snap that pic while you’re feeling yourself. Post to your Instagram and just like that your profile is looking dolled up.

These 5 gorgeous celebrities know what they’re doing when it comes to Instagram, making it appear that they are living their best life!

Which celebrity Instagram post are you going to replicate? From Lisa Asano to Bella Hadid, one of these five celebrities Instagram posts must have inspired you to replicate or create your own unique to the vision you have in mind. If you do replicate any of these posts, tag us @Society19, and we at Society19 will be so happy to see how we, hopefully, helped up your Instagram game.

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