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5 Campus Styles We’d Love to Steal

5 Campus Styles We’d Love to Steal

“I guess I just like to go for a mix between boho and hobo. Bohobo is what I like to call it.”

Wendy Brown (Sr)

“My style kind of depends on my mood. Sometimes I’ll feel like just putting on my Converse or a flannel, but other days I feel kind of preppy, so it kind of changes based on how I’m feeling.”

Erika Reed (Jr)

“I like to [wear a jersey and hoodie] because it’s an unlikely aesthetic. Usually basketball jerseys are worn by themselves or with a T-shirt but rarely with long sleeves. Wearing them with long sleeves is a bit unusual but it actually works.”

Keven Tillman (Jr)

“I love how this outfit is effortless, yet classy. Wearing a nice outfit motivates me to study … and ‘dress well, test well’ …right?”

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Hannah Dembny (Jr)

“Whatever you want to wear is your style. Don’t hold back. If you see something you think is fashionable, take a shot! If you want to be daring – be daring.”

Jack Cummer (So)

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