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5 Boot Brands You Will Need When It Gets Cold

5 Boot Brands You Will Need When It Gets Cold

One needs good boot brands when it gets chilly (if your head and feet are warm, the rest takes care of itself). Something that’s durable and insulating, that looks stylish while doing it. Here are 5 boot brands you will need when it gets cold.

1. UGG 

We start with an oldie, but a goodie. This Australian brand is known for its comfortable shoes more than anything. As I type this up I’m wearing my pair. And as boot brands go, comfort really is the selling point here. They’re all made of sheepskin, so putting one of them on is like a warm embrace for your feet. They need some love, as they’re the loneliest part of the human body, all the way down there.

They have a boot specifically designed for the cold weather – the Adirondack 2. They are waterproof and can be worn in snowy conditions so they are more than adequate in normal conditions. You can go on light winter hikes with them. The Butte Snow boot is also a good one for the cold, with a cold rating of -20 degrees Celsius.



2. The North Face

The North Face’s Bridgeton Chukkas are rugged and old-school. Full-grain leather. They are designed to keep your feet warm and dry. They provide long-lasting comfort thanks to a compression-moulded PU footbed. These waterproof boots are good for casual hikes, they breathe due to a cotton-canvas lining, have weather welt for long-lasting wear, and have increased traction due to Ice Pick temperature-sensitive lugs on the rubber outsole.


3. Timberland

Another classic cool brand that lets you exude cool without trying too hard. Some boot brands can look extravagant, too overdone. Those boots wear the wearer. With a modicum of fashion sense, you guaranteed to wear Timberlands. They work in urban settings and they’re suitable for hiking – all in the cold weather.

If you thought Timberlands are just trendy boots to be worn in the city, you’d be wrong. The Chocorua boots are beasts. Forget casual hikes. You can go full-Bear Grylls with these. Waterproof, insulated, and rustproof. With one hand, Timberland offers you traction. With the other, it gives you comfort.


4. Blundstone

Blundstones are the most stark-looking of the boot brands listed here. They’re the most practical. They started in Tasmania, making footwear for one of the toughest climates in the world. Today you’re just as likely to see a model in Paris wearing them as you would a construction worker. Few boot brands cross that divide. Their elastic-sided boots are the most recognizable of their boots, and indeed, one of the most recognizable boots in the world.

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These boots will get the job done during the cold months, and they do have ones with laces now if that’s what you’re looking for. They take foot health very seriously, implementing  Shock Protection System and Comfort Arch Footbeds. So you can rest assured that you’re getting safety along with durability and comfort.


5. Sorel

There are boot brands and there are boot brands. Sorel makes truly gnarly winter boots. I’m talking real, blizzard making, snow shovelling, frostbite-inducing winter. So if you smack a pair of these beauties on during an Australian winter? You’re laughing. You’re set. You brought a bazooka to a knife fight. No, you brought an atomic bomb to a knife fight. But you don’t look stupid. You’re comfortable and protected. Black nutbuck guaranteed comfort.

They have water protection. Insulating linings and gripped soles. You’ll be toasty.


Do you own a pair of any of these boot brands? Will you buy any for when it gets cold? Let us know in the comments!

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