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5 Best Places on your Body to get a Tattoo

5 Best Places on your Body to get a Tattoo

  1. Chest

  • For both men and women, the chest is a great spot to get a tattoo. Being such a large part of the body, the chest acts as an open canvas for people to become as creative as they want. The chest is also a part of the body where you can add more than one tattoo. Both sides of your chest can be used to put different pieces, or they can also be used to connect to another piece you have on your shoulder or arm. The pain for a chest tattoo is very bearable. The more muscle you have under your chest the easier it’ll be to handle the sting. Just know that if your tattoo does plan to go through the collar bone then it might hurt just a little more. Another benefit to having a chest piece done is that you can hide it with almost any shirt you wear. It’s an area very easy to keep hidden and it’s also a great spot for you to see your own piece. If you’re anything like me, all you could do was stare at your chest piece after it was done and having it on your chest makes it very easy to see in front of a mirror.


  1. Biceps

  • While this area might be more popular for men, the bicep offers a great patch of skin to put some nice art or wording on. The pain for a bicep tattoo isn’t that bad. While you might find the area to remain a little tender after the piece is finished, you should be able to stick it out. The bicep is another area that is easy to hide for any formal occasions or personal reasons. A shirt or hoodie will cover it right up and even just having your arms down will keep people from noticing it at first glance. For anyone hitting the gym, be careful with getting a bicep piece done as you plan to grow. The expansion of your muscles could shift the location and design of your tattoo. Just be mindful of how your physique will change once you have the piece done. The bicep is also a very nice place to get wording pieces done as it’s a very long piece of the body that continues on to your forearm.



  1. Ankle

  • The ankle has become a very popular place for women to get tattoos in and even a place for guys to get their first pieces. A nice small design fits perfectly around your ankle and is easy to cover up or show off whenever. The ankle also serves as a great place to start for anyone looking to eventually branch off into a full leg piece. This area, however, is known to be more painful than others. Your design is being done very close to the bone. If your ankle piece isn’t anything too extreme, then you should be able to handle the pain for the amount of time it’ll take to finish. The ankle has also become a very popular place for people to get matching pieces in. It’s a small enough area for anyone to commit to matching designs on. The ankle is also an area that doesn’t change much in terms of growth so the design and positioning of the piece shouldn’t be altered at all. So, if you’re looking to get a tattoo done but don’t want to get anything too big, get a nice, small design done on your ankle and see how you like the experience.


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  1. Upper Back

  • Similar to the chest, your upper back gives you a wide canvas. Your design can be as extravagant and detailed as you’d like it to be. The back is a great place to use if you want to connect any other pieces. You can connect to your neck, chest, shoulders, or arms from your back. Design size is only limited by your pain tolerance and imagination. The only downfall to getting an upper back tattoo done is the treatment for it. If you are living by yourself, it can be hard to apply the necessary lotions and creams onto your own back. While it’s not impossible to maintain on your own, it’s best to have someone apply the right creams on your back for you so you don’t miss any spots. You might also want to spend the next few nights sleeping on your stomach after you get a back tattoo done. But, at the end of the day, a back tattoo looks very cool and will get a lot of compliments if it’s done properly. For anyone with a very strong and muscly back, the tattoo will only be complimented more.


  1. Rib cage

  • While this area has been widely more popular with women, it’s still a good area to have a tattoo done. A lot of cool and unique designs can be done along your ribcage. Before committing to a tattoo here, just know that the skin covering your rib cage is very thin and it will cause a lot of pain. Quick and small designs shouldn’t be too bad to tolerate but shaded and detailed designs might cause for a little bit more pain. None the less, it’s an area that looks very good. A lot of women use this area to place small and pretty designs that they can show off by the pool or at the beach. A lot of men will also use this area to put some wording or small design. The area also never stretches out that much even if your belly is to grow. For that reason, it has remained a great area for people to get a tattoo done and not have to worry about it stretching out or getting ruined. The area is also very easy to cover and can be easily taken care of by yourself. Like most tattoos, if you have built yourself a nice physique then it will only compliment the look of your piece.