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5 Best Pizza Places Around KSU

5 Best Pizza Places Around KSU

What’s college without pizza, am I right? Throughout my years at K-State I have come to find a greater appreciation for the wonderful food that is pizza. If you find yourself tired of eating the same old microwaveable pizza, check out this list of the top 5 pizza places near Kansas State University!

1. Pizza Shuttle

I cannot start a list of the top 5 best pizza places near K-State without first mentioning the one and only Pizza Shuttle. Whether you’re coming back from a 1 am frat lap or having a movie night with your best friends, Pizza Shuttle is always the answer. Their late hours and cheap prices are every college student’s dream!

2. Aj’s NY Pizzeria

The next place you’ll want to try is Aj’s NY Pizzeria. The New York inspired pizzeria located in downtown Manhattan is home to many delicious pizza combinations such as The Big Apple and Aj’s Grilled Cheese pie. With their authentic New York recipe, it is sure to transport you from the little apple right to the big apple!


3. K’s Café and Bar

If you’re from the Manhattan area, you know that Mr. K’s is known for their absolutely amazing cookie bake, but what you might not know is that they offer a wide variety of delicious Signature Flatbread Pizza as well. From the Pepperoni Flatbread to the BBQ Pulled Pork Flatbread, you are sure to find something to fulfill your pizza-loving heart.

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4. Aj’s NY Pizzeria (the late night edition)

Whoa, Aj’s NY Pizzeria is listed twice? Yep it sure is! This is because Aj’s NY Pizzeria is so great that they actually have a second restaurant located right in Aggieville that stays open from 10pm to 3am on Wednesdays through Saturdays. This is perfect for all you late night (and early morning) bar crawlers!


5. Pie Five

Pie Five is actually new to the Manhattan area, but from what I’ve heard it’s amazing! I mean they handed out free pizza on their opening day, so they must be pretty cool. Pie five makes their own signature Tuscan Marinara and Spicy Marinara sauce in-house everyday. Oh and did I mention that their sauce is all natural and preservative free? Who says pizza can’t be healthy?
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