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5 Best Coffee Shops in Orlando, Florida

  1. Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar

  • One of my personal favorite coffee shops here in Orlando, the Drunken Monkey offers fast and tasty coffee along with some good food. The atmosphere inside this coffee bar is great for many occasions. The music in the place is a great mix between classic songs and modern ones. No matter your taste in music, they will have a song for you. It’s a great place to catch up with friends, do some homework, or just go to read a book or work on something. The staff is also very friendly, and they bring the order right to you and make sure you are all set before heading back. The menu is also vegan friendly, and they have a lot of coffee alternatives as well to choose from that are also vegan and lactose intolerant friendly. I definitely recommend the Mojo Jojo coffee. Yes, it’s named after the iconic Powerpuff Girls villain, but it’s a great drink for anyone that loves cinnamon with their coffee. And if you’re vegan or are lactose intolerant then the Moko Jono offers the same taste but won’t hurt your stomach and is vegan friendly as well. The menu there also has specials that change from week to week so it’s impossible to get tired of the food they have there. The staff also isn’t afraid to let you know where they get a certain product from if you ask nicely.


  1. Axum Coffee

  • One of the shops I more recently discovered, Axum Coffee is another great shop with a great atmosphere to it. The staff here is also very friendly and will help you through any questions you have. They offer both hot and iced options for each of their flavors. If you love the taste of Nutella and hazelnut then you’ll love the Hazelnut-Ella. As a huge Nutella lover, this drink hit just the right spot. They also offer a variety of teas and espressos if lattes are not your forte. Axum also offers some delicious pastries to eat while you enjoy your drink. The cheese and guava danish is a delicious snack to enjoy with your drink. Axum is also located in a great area in Winter Garden which has a lot of shops nearby. So, grab your drink and enjoy the little walk across the historic downtown. Unlike a lot of fancy coffee shops these days, Axum offers cheap prices with decent sizes and portioning. There is another coffee shop not too far from Axum, but they have not been able to compete with the amazing tastes and great atmosphere that Axum has. It’s another great spot to come to to do some work or just enjoy some time with your friends. It’s also a great early morning date idea.


  1. Stardust Video & Coffee

  • Located in Winter Park, this shop has been open for 22 years and was originally a video store. There is a lot to do in this coffee shop and is a great place to take a date or go to with some friends. Local concerts are hosted here sometimes, and it has a very popular attraction for the locals. This store also sells books and has a small library for you to look through. There’s even an old arcade machine inside for you to enjoy. With so many coffee and pastry options, this place has become a stale for many locals to travel to. The classic caramel macchiato is one that cannot be missed here. If photos are your thing, then this might be the coffee spot for you. There is a photo booth inside for you to use as many times as you’d like. There is also a wall filled with old pictures of many different guests from their visits to Stardust in the past. With such a unique and mixed vibe going for it, Stardust has become a very popular place for people to go to to relax and get some work done.


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  1. Apollo Coffee Bar

  • If you are looking for a nice shop to get some coffee but also some good food, then Apollo might be the spot you want to go to. Apollo offers guests a 1-hour dining time as the place does get very crowded. The food here is excellent, especially their seafood entrees. The coffees are very creamy here. If you like your coffee to have a little more milk in it, then this place will hit the mark. If you enjoy going around town with your pets, then Apollo is another great place for you to stop by. They are pet friendly and allow you to enter with your pets. Before you leave, make sure to try some of their ice cream. Not only does it go well with the coffee, but it just tastes great and is really refreshing during a typical hot Florida day. No matter the time of the day, this place is always very packed. While the staff can be hit or miss, it’s no doubt that the quality of the drinks and food are always at the top of their game.


  1. Achilles Art Café

  • A great spot to go to get away and enjoy some good vibes, Achilles Art Café offers some very unique and artistic vibes for you to enjoy while you are there. With such a wonderful staff present, Achilles is the place to go to cool off after a long day. There is so much art for you to look at while you are there that it’s impossible to get bored. Achilles also offers live music for you to enjoy while you have some coffee or eat something off their menu. The sandwiches there have to be tried. They come in very large portions and taste very authentic and fresh. All of the locals that come here agree when it comes to saying that this spot offers some of the most relaxing and especially pleasing vibes of any coffee shop in Orlando.

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