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The 5 Best ASU Tempe Pizza Places

Let’s be real here, pizza is one of the greatest things ever created. It’s delicious, quick, and there are different kinds of toppings for everyone! Therefore, it is extremely important to know about your pizza options when you go off to school. You’ll need it for a long night of studying, a girl’s night, and just because! Keep reading to discover the five best ASU Tempe pizza places!

1. Mellow Mushroom.

This pizza place is super close to Tempe campus on Mill Ave. The entire restaurant is mushroom and psychedelic themed, even their pizzas have crazy names to match. My personal favorite is the Funky Q Chicken pizza!


2. Oregano’s Pizza Bistro.

Everything on Oregano’s menu is amazing. Whether you get delicious pasta in a bread bowl, lasagna, or pizza, you will not be disappointed! They have the best thin crust pizza by far!


3. Venezia’s New York Style Pizza.

If you want that classic east coast pizza this is the place to go. The garlic bread is totally on pointe too. They even deliver with the Grub Hub app!


4. My Pie Pizza.

If you are a picky eater or you can never decide on which pizza to get, this is the pizza solution for you! My Pie builds small custom pizzas for you. You choose everything that goes on it and it is less than $10!

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5. Slices.

This is quick, simple, and delicious! A large pizza is huge and perfect to share with a group of friends. There are several slices near campus and they have that perfect college laid back vibe.


Have you tried any of these ASU Tempe pizza places yet? Share what you think and comment below!
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Alyssa Bailey

A Junior at Arizona State University Tempe Campus Pursuing a degree in Geological Sciences. She loves to hike, paint, and explore new places.

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