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5 Avocado Toast Recipes You Need To Try

5 Avocado Toast Recipes You Need To Try

Avocado toast should become everyone’s go-to snack or lunch; with dozens of different ways to make it and an endless variety of toppings to select from, even the pickiest eaters will appreciate it. Here are 5 avocado toast recipes to get you started!

1. Simple Avocado Toast

The first thing to know is a simple avocado toast recipe that you can make quickly and easily. Our go-to is toasting a piece of bread, preferably sourdough, and spreading a mashed-up avocado on top. Whether you choose to slice or mash your avocado is up to you when it comes to any of these recipes; it depends on which texture you prefer but when adding more topping mashing your avocado may be more beneficial. Although slicing your avocado creates a more appealing appearance, once your toast is covered with fixings, it may become difficult to consume if the avocado slices begin to slide off! After your avocado is spread, drizzle on some olive oil and sprinkle on a good amount of salt. Never forget to squeeze on some lemon or lime for an extra kick of flavor. If you are not someone who enjoys spiciness, feel free to stop there. However, for those of you who enjoy a tang of spice, we recommend adding on just a bit of hot sauce or red chili pepper flakes. We recommend Cholula hot sauce as it is not too spicy and adds the perfect amount of extra flavor. While this recipe has minimal ingredients, it is practically impossible not to enjoy it!


2. Breakfast Avocado Toast

If you’re looking for a big breakfast, avocado toast with eggs and bacon is a great option. As usual, mash your avocado and distribute it evenly on your toasted piece of bread. It is practically vital to toast your bread to a good toasty golden-brown hue when making any avocado toast recipe. This guarantees that the texture is perfect and that your ingredients don’t spill all over the place. Plus, it just tastes so much better when the bread is nice and toasty! After you’ve mashed and distributed your avocado, add your egg in any style you like; scrambled or sunnyside up might be your best bet! The greatest component, the crispy and delicious bacon, should not be overlooked; it will provide flavor and texture to the dish, making it the ideal partner for the runny egg. Of course, seasoning your toppings is essential for adding even more taste to an already wonderful dish. Season your runny egg with salt and pepper, or use hot sauce if you want that extra flavor kick that sets your tongue on fire. This meal will not only make your mouth water, but it will also fill you up; it is the perfect protein-filled start to the day!

3. Salsa Avocado Toast

At first glance, this may appear to be an odd combination. When you think about it, though, this avocado toast recipe is essentially guacamole and salsa! Rather than using any old salsa from a jar, this dish is inspired by a Mexican pico de gallo version of the sauce. The dish is very versatile, it can be served as breakfast, lunch, or even as a dinner appetizer! The bread you choose for any avocado toast recipe can make or break your final product; it is important to opt for a choice of bread that is thick enough to support the toppings, while still being soft in the center when toasted. Examples of these breads include; sourdough, French baguette, or any other hearty loaf. For this recipe, you will need to combine all the pico de gallo ingredients first and adjust the seasoning if necessary. These ingredients include diced tomato, diced white onion, jalapeno, lime juice, and any other seasonings you prefer! After adding the mashed avocado to your piece of toasted bread, pile on top the pico de gallo and season with more salt and pepper if needed. The pico de gallo is very flavorful, so the use of many other ingredients is not necessary; enjoy this unique take on avocado toast!


4. Caprese Avocado Toast

Everybody loves Caprese salad, so why not incorporate it into your avocado toast! Before we share the recipe, here is another quick tip: Always make sure to test the ripeness of your avocado. To do so, first, check the color of the skin; a ripe avocado should have a darker color green, but colors can vary so be sure to further your investigation. Your avocado should feel soft but not too soft when pressed, and it should yield to the amount of pressure applied rather than making an indent. Okay, now for the recipe! The combination of flavors of this toast is perfect for the summer; fresh tomatoes and mozzarella with avocado are ideal on a hot day. Per usual routine, mash and spread your avocado and add lemon juice, salt, and pepper to taste. Then, throw on your fresh mozzarella slices as well as your cherry tomatoes. After that, be sure to drizzle on some balsamic vinaigrette and some extra salt and pepper, if necessary, for a flavorful explosion! To add an extra touch that is both aesthetically pleasing and taste-bud pleasing, throw on some fresh green basil. This recipe is not overly complicated and combines two fan favorites: Caprese salad and avocado toast!

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5. Mango Avocado Toast

We know this last one will confuse you but mango avocado toast is a recipe everyone needs to try at least once in their lives! Surprisingly, the sweet yet slightly tart flavor of a juicy mango complements the smooth rich texture of the avocado, creating a perfect balance of flavors. Mangos can vary in sweetness depending on their ripeness; if you’re dealing with a particularly fruity mango, make sure to balance it out with some lemon or lime juice to keep your dish from being too sweet. To anchor the toast in the more savory territory, sprinkle on a contrasting kick of spice with red chili pepper flakes or powder and finish it all off by adding the herby notes of mint or basil. Before piling on your ingredients, brush olive oil onto your piece of toast, and be sure to taste your creation to alter the volume of each ingredient as necessary. This toast’s wonderfully sweet and somewhat spicy outcome makes it suitable for almost any meal, including dessert! This is a more interesting take on avocado toast, it is one that will not disappoint and is more unique than most other recipes. Impress your friends by handing them some colorful mango on top of their mashed avocado!


We know that your stomach must be grumbling just as much as ours, and you must definitely be craving that delicious green fruit we won’t shut up about. Next time you are in the mood for some avocado toast, refer back to this article to see which recipe you should try!