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5 At Home Date Night Ideas

5 At Home Date Night Ideas

  1. Childhood memories

  • A great and fun way to spend some time with that special someone is by sharing some old childhood memories. Whether it’s old home videos or photos, or just by sharing stores yourself, this is. Great and fun way to spend a night. This date works great for any level of relationships. If can serve as a very sweet and easy first date as it’s a doorway into your life. You can use your childhood to share pieces about yourself with your date that will allow them to understand you more. In return, it also works as a way to get a better idea as to the type of person your date is. This date also works for couples who have already been together for some time. It’s never too late to share memories from the past. No partner is going to say no to seeing their partner in their childhood days. Grabbing some of your favorite snacks and sitting down to enjoy your partner get embarrassed of their childhood is something no one would pass up on. This activity can also bring you two closer together as you might find some more similarities between you two.


  1. Cooking Together

  • You see it in the movies all the time. There is always a couple cooking together to some iconic song and dancing. They somehow always mess up the omelet or pancake flip. One of the more simple and fun date night ideas might be to cook together. You can make an entire full course meal together. Some little appetizers while you guys talk and get everything ready. A nice meal that you both love. Make sure to let each other participate. If one of you isn’t the best cook, then you can use this as a way to help your date. A nice dessert would also be a great thing. A lot of couples love to bake together and it works. It’s such a simple idea yet it makes for one of the best date night ideas. Put on some of your favorite songs and just enjoy each other’s company while you make some delicious meals. To make it a little more entertaining, get yourselves some matching chef aprons. The more professional you try to make it look, the funnier it’ll be when you two actually go to try and cook.


  1. Movie Marathons

  • Another simple and cliché thing to consider as one of your date night ideas. Movie marathons work for a reason. If it’s early in the relationship, it removes pressure of conversation and acts as a much easier doorway into the relationship. If you’re already committed in the relationship, it can serve as a relaxing way to be together but still be able to relax. There are so many ginormous franchises that you can watch together. From the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the Harry Potter films, there are plenty of series that can take up an entire day. Also, making a lineup of both of your favorite movies is another great thing to do for your movie marathon. People love sharing their favorite movies with friends and family so sharing them with your date will make for a great way to relax. It also leads to a great conversation where the two of you get to exchange opinions from the film. This back and forth can also get the two of you more comfortable with one another if you are at the beginning of your relationship. Horror movies are also always a great choice for a date night movie marathon. There’s something about a classic slasher film that really sets the mood.


  1. Games

  • There are so many games in the world. Whether it’s a board game, card game or video game, picking a few games to take on your partner in is a great pick off your date night ideas. People love getting a little competitive here and there. This could backfire and become a way to get angry at each other depending on how seriously you take these games. As long as you keep the mood light and remember that you’re just there to play and have fun, you’re in for a great night. So many classic games can be played with just 2 people. A game of UNO can become very intense between only two people. The same applies with a game of Jenga. You can also use this date night as a way to teach your date how to play your favorite game or learn to play their favorite game. There are a lot of fun console games as well such as Mario Kart. Pick some of your favorites and enjoy a nice game night with your date. Just try not to be a sore loser if you end up losing.


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  1. Plan Ahead

  • This idea isn’t too spectacular, but it will get you and your date excited. Having a nice dinner at home and then getting together to plan out some future dates is a great activity for when you don’t want to do anything too crazy but still want to spend time with your partner. There are always concerts and events going on that you can look into and decide to go to together. The same applies for seeing what new movies or shows are coming out soon. It’s a simple idea that could also save any confusion that comes from any last minute plans. It’s one of the date night ideas that a lot of couples who tend to be very busy with work would appreciate doing. It also will be very fun to know that the both of you want to continue to do things together. It’s reassuring and nice as well. Doing this also serves as a way for the both of you to do things you have never done before but have always wanted to. Things such as trying new restaurants or going to events you’ve never been to before. This is one of those date night ideas that can get you really excited for the future.