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5 Artists Whose Art Will Spice Up Your Room

  1. Wizyakuza. If you’re a geek who loves 3D and hand drawn designs, this is for you. This is one of the few artists who puts so much love and respect in their own art. With pieces ranging from anime, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Pokémon to even your favorite horror movie slashers. Wizyakuza was the artist that created and reinvented 3D art prints. Many other artists have tried to replicate his 3D style, but none have come close to his talented work. If you have a favorite character, then this man has a canvas for him. The speed and talent of his work are amazing and impressive. Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight recently finished it’s 6 episodes run and there is already a beautiful canvas of the character ready to go up in your room. His colors are so vibrant and dark it’s almost as if each piece gives off the tone of the character just by the colors used. This is one of the few artists that I buy a lot of art from. And trust me, they look amazing up on the wall. Put his artwork with some LED lights and your room will look like an art gallery. This is truly the go to for all geeks and nerds everywhere.                                       

  2. Jess Gaspar. This is one of the artists who art just stops anyone who comes across it. Gaspar combines the everyday suburban or city life with space. With vibrant colors that hold your gaze on it for minutes at a time, this art is one you put up to show off your taste. Any sci fi fan should definitely have some of this art up in their room. It’s some of those pieces that test your imagination and make you dare to think outside the box on what reality would be if the art was real. There are even some custom record covers that have this art on it. Framing vinyl records have become a very popular decorative style and mixing that with this artist’s style makes for a killer display. The art is also basic enough so that even if you know nothing about decorating or art, having these pieces up on the wall will still give you major points with whoever lays their eyes on it. It’s simple yet descriptive and makes you wonder what the artist is trying to say with each and every design.

  3. Makoto Shinkai. This is one of the artists that goes beyond just art. Shinkai is also a film director and writer. In Japan, it’s very common for authors to also be artists as they draw their manga while writing the story. Shinkai has created multiple shorts and two feature films that have been critically acclaimed for their beautiful stories and even more beautiful artwork. Shinkai released the paintings and art he made for the cities and mountainous regions for his works as art pieces for everyone to buy. His art style is one that makes you realize just how far animation has come. The fact that his hand can create something so beautiful, it’s movie worthy is amazing. His art is perfect for anyone that wants to decorate their rooms with some bright and radiant pieces that don’t really have a subject to focus on. It’s simply art that you put up to enjoy and let it brighten up the room. It’s impossible not to smile when looking at his work. Each piece stimulates a different response and will grab the attention of any visitor you have come over. I definitely recommend his art to anyone looking for something simple yet powerful.                     

  4. Frank Moth. This is another artist that sends off very similar vibes as Jess Gaspar. The two artists mix the everyday with more space themed backgrounds. Moth also does digital art of people and the feelings that are stored within them. Moth’s art has a little more grain to it that gives it a darker look that the other artists on this list don’t have. However, his art still serves as an attention grabber and will add style to any part of the room his art is being hung up in. This art might be a little more expressive and is one you might need a certain passion for in order to truly appreciate or understand. Each piece has a lot to say, and the artist definitely throws in some social issues that he wishes to address in a subtle yet effective way with his artwork. His pieces also follow a very neutral color scheme so it’s very easy to place his art and not have to worry about a certain color scheme or pattern with anything else you are using to decorate your room. This art is surely one to strike up some interesting conversation amongst you and guests.                                                

  5. Victor Vercesi. This is another artist meant for anyone interested in anything geek related. Victor uses outlines of iconic characters from different forms of geek media and fills them in with beautiful artwork that represents scenery from their respected worlds. He had connected and vibrant pieces that are meant to stand out while others are more water colored and faded. His art is very easy to group up and is lighter in terms of meaning and design. This is art meant to show off your tastes and likes and use them to complete certain themes you are trying to go for with your room. His artwork is simple and enjoyable to look at. For anyone that doesn’t want to work too hard on deciding how to decorate their room, this artwork and style is perfect for a first round in room design. The art is also very cute and will show off your simplistic style in a fun and creative way. Anyone can use this art to just fill in some space on the wall with themes and characters they still enjoy and want to show off to any guests.                     

Zachary Hernandez

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