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5 Amazing Places to Visit in Japan

5 Amazing Places to Visit in Japan

Japan is a country full of different activities and traditions to engage in. Enriching us with its culture of wearing kimonos, visiting shrines and temples, participating in tea ceremonies, and constant advancements in technology; there are countless number of fun and exciting things to do in Japan. That being said, there are five places in particular that anyone journeying to the beautiful country MUST see during there visit.

1. Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, is a mix of diverse cultures. It is the perfect blend of old and new traditions. From visiting shrines and Mt. Fuji, to participating in their festivals and amusement parks, there is a wide range of events to enjoy. The best time to visit Tokyo is early April, as this is when the Sakuras blossom.


2. Kyoto

This city is incredibly rich in history. Serving as the former capital for more than 1,000 years, it has an abundant number of shrines. Its gardens are lovely and the July festival is definitely something to partake in.

3. Nara


Nara was actually Japan’s first capital city. It is a given that there would be lots of historical sites here, especially the numerous temples. One of the best places to visit is Nara Park, where tourists will be given the chance to feed the deer (Bambi)! Just be careful, once they noticed you’ve got food, you’ll be surrounded.

4. Ishigaki Island

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The beach! Who doesn’t love going on a road trip to unwind, soak in the sun, and just enjoy the sand under their toes? With its clear blue waters, island-hopping adventures, and wide range of water sports, you can’t miss out on the white-sandy beach of Ishigaki.

5. Shibuya

While the Shibuya crossing is located in Tokyo, it deserves a spot on this list all on its own. Whether you’re shopping in the plaza, enjoying a Hello Kitty donut or bargaining in the flea market, this metropolitan is chock-full of quirky attractions to take part in. Well-known dog, Hachiko, even has a statue built here in honor of his loyalty towards his master.

Featured image source: worldinhand.