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5 Albums You Should Add to Your Spotify Playlist

5 Albums You Should Add to Your Spotify Playlist

Talking is Hard – Walk the Moon

Why take a time machine back to the 80’s when you can just listen to Walk the Moon’s new album? I’m sure everyone has heard the summer hit, “Shut up and Dance,” but the undeniable talent doesn’t end there. Each and every song on their album brings out the legwarmer wearing, neon loving teenager in you. Especially with “We Are the Kids,” “Sidekick” and “Come Under the Covers,” mustering up our inner rebel. Bite into this simply radical piece of art this semester. You and your Spotify playlist can thank me later!

The 1975 (Self-Titled)

No, I am not talking about the year people, The 1975 is a band! In fact they are my favorite band of all time. That is some serious commitment right there. Hailing all the way from Manchester, England these boys will rock your world. Technically they are seen as a rock band, but I see a bit of alternative in them. The 1975 are definitely not for everyone’s Spotify playlist because they are so unique, but I urge you to give them a try. Check out “Chocolate” and “Girls” and let me know what you think of these British god’s. (Okay, okay maybe gods is a bit too far…)


LOVETAP! – Smallpools

This alternative band from Los Angeles sure has brought their winning pie to the fair. If you’re looking for an 80’s flair to add to your Spotify playlist, with a fun and exciting twist, these are your guys. Rarely do we see a band with an album in which we love every song – but let me tell you, this album is quite the exception. Every song is like the perfect party – exciting, with a laid back vibe. I would say to give every song a whirl, but if you need my guidance, start with “Dreaming,” “Lovetap!” and “What’s that a Picture Of?” Stop reading and go experience the delights of the band Smallpools!

The Essential Aerosmith – Aerosmith

What’s better than a total throwback to the ultimate greatness. Aerosmith are legends, and for good reason. Aerosmith’s music has stayed relevant through many generations, with incorporation of many genres heard in their songs. If you love music that is infused with blues, R&B, metal, rock, and pop, give them a listen. Check out my personal favorites, “Dream On,” “Sweet Emotion,” “Love In an Elevator” and “Walk this Way.” Aerosmith is a Spotify playlist essential.

Charlie Puth-EP

This artist landed straight into our hearts with the song, “See You Again.” Who knew this young boy from YouTube had such amazing talent? Oh yeah, we did! But this skillful artist has much more to offer than a one hit wonder. Once you take a listen to his short album, EP, you’ll likely have his songs on repeat for days. I can’t wait for his full-length album. My personal favorite song off EP is “Suffer.” It’ll make you weak in the knees.

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