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4th of July Weekend Getaways You Can Plan Last Minute

4th of July Weekend Getaways You Can Plan Last Minute

Looking to take a trip during your fourth of July weekend but didn’t decide to go until the last minute? No worries, here are some great fourth of July weekend getaways that will be little to no hassle for you to travel to! Check out some of these great ideas and give them a try yourself! It will undoubtedly be worth the time, money, and effort!


People have found themselves loving or hating camping. Either way, you cannot deny what great memories are made with the people you love while on a camping trip! It is priceless and that is why it is first on my list! If you are looking to go somewhere last minute on the fourth of July weekend be sure to consider this option! Camping is easy to plan out and easy to get to. There are most likely many camping grounds around your area that you didn’t even know about! If you’re in need of supplies, I can almost guarantee that the nearest Walmart is no more than 20 minutes away from you so go load up on all of the essentials!

A campground is the perfect place for cookouts, campfire activities, and much more! Sit by the fire and share stories and experiences while eating delicious food. Make it a great time for everyone. If you love the outdoors and love spending quality time with your loved ones, this is a great last-minute fourth of July weekend getaway for you! Gather your group and supplies and go camping this summer or next! 

4th of July Weekend Getaways You Can Plan Last Minute

A Beach Near You

You know we had to put the beach on this list of fourth of July weekend getaways! The beach is such a stunning place to visit, no matter what the day or occasion may be. The beach not only offers great sceneries but also fun activities for everyone! Surfing, Skiing, playing in the sand, swimming, eating, and more will have you enjoying yourself on a whole new level. You will never regret spending your fourth on a beach with your family and friends. Hop in a car and start driving to the nearest beach you can find! Create beautiful moments and memories this summer and do it again each year. It is worth it!

4th of July Weekend Getaways You Can Plan Last Minute

A City

Another great fourth of July weekend getaway is going to another city! It’s so easy to get into a car and travel to the next city over to spend the fourth of July there! It makes things a little more adventurous and exciting!

Many people do not consider this idea because it feels pointless and boring but with the right people, it can be the complete opposite of that! Taking a road trip with family or friends is always fun so, going to a new place and seeing new things add to that fun as well! You can make every experience that much better if you choose to think outside the box and live in the moment! The city has so much to offer when you visit. You can go and see new museums, parks, stores, restaurants, spas, movie theatres and so much more! Who would not want to take a trip to a new place and enjoy the days spent in the city?

Visiting another city is an excellent way to getaways from day to day activities and have a blast! Give it a try and keep an open mind about all the ideas on this list! This is definitely one of the best fourth of July weekend getaways everyone should try out! Try something out of the box today and see what happens! Love the life you live and begin to live a life you love! It is worth every moment and you will see how happy it will make you!

4th of July Weekend Getaways You Can Plan Last Minute

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A Lake Near You

Lakes are always a great place to go during the fourth of July weekend! You can catch fantastic vibes with some awesome people next to a beautiful body of water! Take a short road trip to the nearest lake and find yourself some peace while having a good time. You can rent a boat, have a cookout, rent a lake house, swim and much more! Find the activities that will make your fourth one to remember! Enjoy the people you are around most of all! Plus there is just something about being on a lake that makes everything a little bit better overall! See if this option fits you by trying it out this summer as one of your fourth of July weekend getaways!

4th of July Weekend Getaways You Can Plan Last Minute


Just staying at a local hotel does not seem like a getaway to most, however, it certainly can be! Hotels make you forget that you are even in your home town! They have a magical way of making you feel stressfree and at ease. During the fourth of July, you can grab some friends and stay a night or two at a local hotel of your choice. Take advantage of everything they offer there. The pool, spa, food, and etc. You will surely feel as though you traveled across the world for a day! 

This option may not be for everyone, but trust me when I say that you will have a great experience sleeping and lounging away from home for a while. Try it out for yourself and see how you like it before you judge it too much. Get your friends in on this idea and enjoy yourselves at any place you choose to be! Treat yourself this fourth of July!

4th of July Weekend Getaways You Can Plan Last Minute

Here are a few last-minute getaways that will allow you to enjoy the fourth of July weekend even more! Comment below a last-minute trip that you have planned and had the time of your life during it!

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