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45 Things To Make Your Life SO Much Easier In College

45 Things To Make Your Life SO Much Easier In College

A list of things to make your life so much easier in college! This list of college essentials should be on your packing list for this year!

College life. It’s not hard, per se, but it’s also not a walk in the park. Whether it’s your first time living alone (looking at you freshmen) or your last semester of juggling papers and parties- there are few necessities that can make the life of any college student SO much easier. Here are 45 things to make your life so much easier in college!

1. Door Stopper

Easiest way to make friends in college? Keep your door open.

2. Window Fan

Because dorm rooms get hot AF those first few weeks of school.


3. Tiny Clip-On Fan 

Like I said…hot AF.


4. Bed Caddy

Trust me. When you get all settled into bed and realize your TV remote is on your desk at the other side of the room…you’ll wish you had a bed caddy.

5. Bedside Shelf

But this works too.

6. Bunk Pocket

Then again, if you don’t plan on doing anything in bed except some Insta stalking on your phone, you could just use this handy bunk pocket.



7. Chair that turns into a bed.

For when your drunk friend decides to crash for the night.


8. Clip-On Lamp

For all those times you seriously need some light in the room but don’t want to blast your sleeping roommate with those awful neon dorm lights.

9. Clip-On Textbook Light

Because apparently people study at night.


10. Charging Station Strip

College kids these days and all their electronics.

11. Ramen/Macaroni Cooker

Ahh, the life of a poor college student.

12. Microwave Pasta Cooker

You know, when you want to switch up your Ramen Noodles and Easy Mac for Spaghetti. Basically, any products that cook food quickly are necessary things to make your life so much easier in college!


13. Jumper Cables

That is, if you have a car.

14. First Aid Kit

You never know when you’ll need it but one night you will take a digger (my bet is after that first frat party).

15. Travel Mug and Large Water Bottle

Coffee and water = the essence of college student’s life. And also a really good hangover cure.



16. Ear Plugs

In case you end up with a roomie whose snores could give you nightmares. Also not bad to have on nights when your neighbors or housemates decide to throw a party and you have an exam at 8 am the next morning.

17. Eye Mask

To avoid being mauled by the overhead light when your roommate tramples in wasted at 3 am.

18. Foldable Camping Chairs

Extra seating is always a good idea (especially ones you can store away after using).


19. External Hard Drive/Cloud Drive

It’s college. You’re going to have lots of papers, projects, and picture (#memories) you’ll need to save- get the extra storage.

20. Snacks In Bulk

What’s better than Cheetos at 11 pm to power you through that late night cram sesh?

21. Electric Kettle

Because sometimes we all need a cozy night in with a warm cup of tea.


22. Coffee Maker

See #15.

23. Mini Blender

Protein shakes, fruit smoothies, margaritas…

24. Wireless Speakers

You can’t have an epic dance party without them.


25. Beach Towels

If you don’t use them for the shower, you will use them in the Spring semester to lay out on the lawn.

26. Magnetic Board

Keep important dates, notes, ideas, etc. handy and easily accessible plopped up on the wall.

27. Command Hooks/Putty

The epitome of college essentials. Seriously, get a ton of these.


28. Bathroom Tote

Unless you want to try and carry all your bathroom shit in your arms- good luck.

29. Shower Flip Flops

Because shared showers are gross. Period.

30. Laptop Cooler

At some point during their college career, every student will understand why laptop fans are college essentials. Come prepared.

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31. Laptop Holder

So you can easily truck your laptop to class, the library, your boyfriend’s…wherever.


32. Reading Lamp

Dorm room lights suck, reading lamps don’t.

33. Power Bank

It never, ever hurts to have an extra source of power for your phone. If you don’t need it, someone else will, guaranteed.

34. A Sturdy Umbrella

Rain does not mean cancelled class.


35. Waterproof Mattress Cover

Accidents happen. All types of accidents.

36. Portable Laundry Bin

Laundry- a college student’s worst nightmare. Make it easier with this.

37. Wristlet/Wallet

As cute as that purse is, you’ll wish you had something smaller and easier to hold once you’re at the bar.


38. Mini Tool Kit

You’ll probably get more use out of this than you ever imagined. No bottle opener? I’ve got a screwdriver!

39. Stapler Combo Kit

Because staying organized in college requires a little effort.

40. Easy-To-Carry Three Hole Punch

41. Over-The-Door Hanger

Store your shoes, store your jewelry, store your snacks…these things are essential (for storing all your other college essentials).


42. Drying Rack

Unless you just chuck everything in the dryer machine. It’s all the same right?

43. iPhone & Key Finder

Need I explain?

44. Mini Fridge

Where else are you going to keep your beer?


45. Wireless Printer

Save yourself a trip (or a thousand trips for that matter) to the library and just print from your room. SO much easier.

Do you know of any other things to make your life so much easier in college? Share in the comments!


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