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4 Reasons Why Going To School In Mississippi Is The Best

4 Reasons Why Going To School In Mississippi Is The Best

Mississippi State is right in the heart of Mississippi. There you can get a true feel of the Mississippi atmosphere and everything that makes it special. Keep reading to discover four unbeatable benefits of going to school in Mississippi!

1. The Climate.

Mississippi is a lot like my home state, Louisiana. It’s always hot as hell and we wear shorts for Christmas. There are those few years when it actually snows and sticks, but that’s if we get lucky. It gets pretty cold in the winter but never really drops below 20 degrees even in the coldest winters. Winter is coming, just not in Mississippi. Summers are unpredictable when it comes to rain. It could be the sunniest day with the bluest sky, then ten minutes later it’ll be raining cats and dogs. Even though the weather is a bit indecisive, I love it just how it is!

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2. The Southern Charm.

This state is all about the “southern charm” and “southern hospitality.” The people of Mississippi, well most people, will hold doors open, ask you how you’re doing, and say hello to strangers. They say things like “Bless your heart” and “y’all”  and use nicknames such as “Honeybunny” and “Sugarpie.”

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3. The Food.

Everyone knows that southern food is the best, right? I mean c’mon thick fried catfish, boiled blue crabs, crawfish, shall I go on? Not to mention, Mississippi is home to the Catfish Capital of the World in Belzoni, Mississippi.

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4. The Football.

The south is into their football, let me tell you. I’m sure every part of Mississippi can hear the cowbells during a Mississippi State football game. Football is important to the majority of the Mississippi population, just like it is in most southern states.

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Why did you choose to go to school in Mississippi? Share your reasons and comment below!
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