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36 Signs You Were Obsessed With The Jonas Brothers

36 Signs You Were Obsessed With The Jonas Brothers

If you were constantly routing for their success, and still have that special place in your heart for this trio, you were probably obsessed with the Jonas Brothers.

1. You know every lyric to “Nick J is off the Chain.”

 2. You tried to make your own rap name so you and DJ Dangaa would be the perfect couple.


3. You started wearing braided headbands only because Joe did.

4. You made your parents spend thousands of dollars on guitar lessons so you could impress Nick with your skills.

 5. You wrote your number (to your Razor phone) on their tour bus, thinking you’d actually get a call

6. You made your parents spend hundreds of dollars so you could see the Jo Bros in concert.

7. You made a Myspace just to keep up with them.

8. Your myspace layout and quote was JoBro themed and the song playing was “Hello Beautiful,” “When You Look Me in the Eyes,” or “SOS.”


9. You still think the best album was “It’s About Time.”

10. You and your friends fought over the Jo Bros and who would marry Kevin.

11. If you actually liked Kevin the most, your friends teased you.

I have no shame to admit, I loved Kevin.

12. You’ve watched Camp Rock about 100 million times and wish you were Demi Lovato.

13. You bought or considered getting a purity ring only because the boys did.

14. You were heartbroken when Joe cut his hair.

15. You were even more heartbroken when nick cut his hair.

16. After being broken, your heart was turned to absolute mush when the Jonas Brothers broke up.

17. You were so excited to watch “Married to Jonas” to picture what marrying a Jonas was like.

Until you realized the family was cray! Does no one else remember when the entire family was worried about Kevin going on tour if Danielle was going to be pregnant or expecting, and Danielle just sat there like, “since when was I planning on having a baby!?”


18. You don’t understand how Danielle can tolerate Kevin.

19. You’ve watched the Hannah Montana episode with the Jo Bros at least 60 times, but don’t understand why they barely sang in it.


20. You were so happy that Nick and Miley broke up.

Let’s be real, look at her now.

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21. You were (secretly) crying when Joe and Demi started dating.

22. You were crying even harder when Joe and Demi broke up.

23. You didn’t want to admit it, but were really excited when Joe and Nick took off their purity rings.

24. But you were also disgusted by Kevin’s openness about sex.

25. You watched (or attempted to watch) “Jonas,” even though it was a horrible show.

26. You bought bright red skinny jeans to match Joe.


27. Or you bought bright white ones to match Nick.


28. Or you bought both to match Kevin.

29. You started liking Les Mis only because Nick was in it when he was little.

30. You know how Nick was discovered.

A talent agent discovered him at a barbar shop while he was singing getting his hair cut!


31. You’re excited that Joe finally became a front man again.

Because let’s be real, that solo career was not going well.

32. You like Nick better on his own.

33. You love Kevin, but forget about him often.

34. You still can’t throw your posters from 2007 Tigerbeat and Teen Mag away.

35. You’ve seen the “When You Look Me in the Eyes” music video at least 999 million times and tried to recreate it on your own.

36. No Matter what, you will always be rooting that the Jo Bros will come back together.

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