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32 Signs You Go To School In New York

32 Signs You Go To School In New York

Keep reading for 32 signs you go to school in New York!

1. One of your professors…

…worked as a model for Calvin Klein in her 20s, at the UN in her 30s, is married to an architect, and has published six books. Don’t get me started on your other professors…

2. Having an assignment that involves going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art or Times Square…

…is just another day of class.


3. Your school library has to call Columbia University or the Sorbonne Paris in order to get your book.


4. College football isn’t a thing here.

Don’t ask me about it.

5. Sometimes the best place to get some studying done is in one of the most famous parks on earth…

…or just a packed, no-name coffee shop in Brooklyn.


6. You have taken a taxi to class.

Like, more than once.

7. When your parents come to visit…

…You always stay at their chic hotel with free breakfast.

8. You appreciate the value of a subway commute…

…Perfect time to cram for a test, finish a paper, or grab a nap.


9. You’ve got friends who’ve done photo shoots for Vogue, written for TIME, done financial work for Goldman Sachs, won awards for their film work…

…and are still undergraduates.

10. When going out for a chic night, you friends don’t pick you up in their fun convertible…

…An Uber SUV is waiting to take you out.

11. Umbrellas and wind don’t mix.

Rain and final papers don’t either.

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12. NYC is a city that lives by the virtue of personal space.

You’re an expert at diverting eyes…

13. … But also bobbing your head or lip syncing to a good song, without a care.

14. Nowhere else on earth is ‘there’s always other fish in the sea’ more true.

15. A party night doesn’t end at midnight or 1 AM here…

…It’s the city that never sleeps. Try 3 AM…


16. …But don’t forget late night pizzas and food cart grubbing

…For an hour or two…

17. … And of course, a grueling subway commute home.

Expect to be in bed by… 6 AM?

18. You play tour guide to every sibling, family member, friend, aunt and uncle that rolls into town.

19. Guys: Your fade is unbeatable, and you swear by your barber, probably some Lower East Side Eastern European.

20. Girls: You get your hair done back home, but sometimes you let your roommate paint your nails.

21. Belmont Derby is the only time you ever venture into Long Island and enjoy it.

22. You can’t imagine spending the month leading up Christmas anywhere else.

23. When the weather is just right, exploring the city block by block can keep you entertained for days on end.

24. You’ve got friends from every corner of the globe within 5 miles of you.

25. When a big news event happens, you expect all of your friends to know about it all over the world.

26. We get the best SnapChat filters, the best freebies, the best concerts and the best art…

…Usually first in the nation, too.


27. Celebrities are still people, and it’s just part of life when you see them pretty much every day.

Also, odds are you’ve walked onto a Law and Order SVU set more than once.

28. You feel perfectly comfortable being yourself because it’s the city that literally wrote the book on individualism.

29. Your sense of ‘stranger-danger’ is sharper than you could have imagined.

30. You have to reiterate that you study in New York City, not just ‘New York’.

31. You laugh in the face of people who tell you “I like NYC, but I could never live there.”

32. Facts my guy: this place is the best, deadass. I can’t imagine going to school anywhere else, B.

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