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30 Thoughts All Students Have During St. John’s Registration

30 Thoughts All Students Have During St. John’s Registration

Registering for classes is stressful, no matter what year you are. Here are some typical thoughts I imagine each student goes through during St. John’s registration.

Freshman Students:

“What the hell am I doing?”


Sophomore Students:

“These stupid upperclassmen are taking all the good classes.”

Junior Students:

“I have so many required classes for my major and minor left to take, and if I don’t get into them I’ll definitely die.”


Senior Students:

“Haha suckers, I don’t have to register! Oh wait…that’s actually terrifying…”


Each year we go through the same process, and it is this:

1. “I know registration is coming up…yeah that’s a later me problem.”

2. “I just got an email about making an appointment to register. I should probably get on that.”

3. “It’s been like two weeks. Get yourself together.”

4. “Okay, finally made my way to the office to make an appointment.”

5. “If I don’t write this down I’m totally going to forget what time I signed up for.”

6. “Whoa, they sent me an email reminder. Thank God.”

7. “Okay so I have to pick between all these classes. That can’t be so bad, right?”

8. “Wrong.”

9. “Ugh I already have a class at 10:40 on Monday/Thursday, but this class is then too…”


10. “I swear to God I refuse to take that 7:30 class.”

11. “Wrong.”

12. “I’ll never make it to class. Why is this happening to me?” (Unless you’re a senior, then you might appreciate that it’ll prepare you to get up for a “real job”)

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13. “Okay, I can do this.”

14. “No I can’t.”

15. “Yes I can.”


16. “Alright let’s go see if the schedule I made still has seats remaining.”

17. “Literally. One. Seat. Left.”

18. “Okay, zero seats left. Great.”

19. “Now I have to start all over again.”

20. “I still somehow have this 7:30 in my schedule…”


22. “Oh there it is. Chill out.”

23. “CRN numbers are the best things ever invented.”


24. “DONE. I DID IT.”

25. “Thought I was going to have to take a semester off for a little bit there…”

26. “I feel so accomplished wow.”

27. “I hope these teachers are going to be awesome.”

28. “I’m ready for a change of schedule, literally.”

29. “Just get through finals.”

30. “I’m actually excited for next semester.” (Seniors: “I’m ready to take on the world.“)

What other thoughts do you and friends have during St. John’s registration? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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