30 Thoughts All Students Have During St. John’s Registration

Registering for classes is stressful, no matter what year you are. Here are some typical thoughts I imagine each student goes through during St. John’s registration.

Freshman Students:

“What the hell am I doing?”

Sophomore Students:

“These stupid upperclassmen are taking all the good classes.”

Junior Students:

“I have so many required classes for my major and minor left to take, and if I don’t get into them I’ll definitely die.”

Senior Students:

“Haha suckers, I don’t have to register! Oh wait…that’s actually terrifying…”

Each year we go through the same process, and it is this:

1. “I know registration is coming up…yeah that’s a later me problem.”

2. “I just got an email about making an appointment to register. I should probably get on that.”

3. “It’s been like two weeks. Get yourself together.”

4. “Okay, finally made my way to the office to make an appointment.”

5. “If I don’t write this down I’m totally going to forget what time I signed up for.”

6. “Whoa, they sent me an email reminder. Thank God.”

7. “Okay so I have to pick between all these classes. That can’t be so bad, right?”

8. “Wrong.”

9. “Ugh I already have a class at 10:40 on Monday/Thursday, but this class is then too…”

10. “I swear to God I refuse to take that 7:30 class.”

11. “Wrong.”

12. “I’ll never make it to class. Why is this happening to me?” (Unless you’re a senior, then you might appreciate that it’ll prepare you to get up for a “real job”)

13. “Okay, I can do this.”

14. “No I can’t.”

15. “Yes I can.”

16. “Alright let’s go see if the schedule I made still has seats remaining.”

17. “Literally. One. Seat. Left.”

18. “Okay, zero seats left. Great.”

19. “Now I have to start all over again.”

20. “I still somehow have this 7:30 in my schedule…”


22. “Oh there it is. Chill out.”

23. “CRN numbers are the best things ever invented.”

24. “DONE. I DID IT.”

25. “Thought I was going to have to take a semester off for a little bit there…”

26. “I feel so accomplished wow.”

27. “I hope these teachers are going to be awesome.”

28. “I’m ready for a change of schedule, literally.”

29. “Just get through finals.”

30. “I’m actually excited for next semester.” (Seniors: “I’m ready to take on the world.“)

What other thoughts do you and friends have during St. John’s registration? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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