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30 Signs You Go To Temple University

Whether you are currently a student at Temple University or have already graduated, you will definitely be able to relate to these 30 signs!

1. When you had your first visit to Temple, you thought when people said there was a “beach” on campus it was a real beach.

2. If you want to go out on a Thursday, but have nothing to do, and you’re 21+, you’ll probably end up at PUB for the $1 wings.

3. It is kind of risky choosing which Chinese place is the best because there are so many close to campus.

4. The financial aid office always has a student in there trying to get their situation fixed.

5. The student center has free food and fun every FRIDAY.

6. When it’s warmer out, you see more people that you didn’t even know went to Temple.

7. Also, you’ll see protesters and an old man screaming about Christ, with or without his bullhorn.

8. You miss hanging out on Liacouras walk, but if you’re a freshman you don’t know what I am talking about LOL.

9. You go to J&H sometimes for the pizza and ice cream.

…You go to Morgan for Tony Luke’s, Southside Diner, or Chicken tenders and fries. You go to the SAC to socialize. However, the food options at all three get really old QUICK.

10. You’ve never heard of Beury Hall unless your major has classes in there.

11. You go to the tech if you want to do your work, but you’ll also be easily distracted.

(…It always turns into an hour + event.) #ClubTech

12. You go to the library and it is always super quiet. Which is personally, not for me.

13. Throughout your undergrad, you have tried one of the food places near Anderson, or at least have wanted to.

14. You think the science building is nice, but you wish your college had the same nice building.

(…Unless you’re in FOX, then everything is always nice over there.)

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15. You’ll always see people so proud of being in the FOX Business school.

…It almost makes you think everyone on campus is a business major.

16. The SEPTA gets you everywhere you want to go, but it is not always the best.

17. You always want to go to Maxi’s, but you’re underage so you count down until your 21st birthday so you can go.

18. Each 7/11 is packed during breakfast or lunch. The one across from J&H, the one on Cecil, and the one on the walk.

19. You love the smoothie place or the frozen yogurt spot.

20. Wendy’s. Burger King. And McDonald’s all on the same campus.

LOL #enemies

21. You probably spend most of your money at Philly Style or U Got Munchies if you live in White Hall, J&H, 1940, or Peabody.

22. If you’re not a media and communications major, you would probably never think that the building is in the cut behind J&H.

23. You know Peabody is named to be the worst dorm ever.

24. You’ll want to take a selfie with Hooter the owl whenever you see him on campus.

25. The Liacouras Center is always having a random concert.

26. There is always a TU alert going off, but when something really serious happens, you wonder where was the TU Alert?

27. IBC fitness classes=life, even if you do not enjoy going to the gym.

28. You wish Starbucks took meal plans.

29. You wish Fresh Grocer was a Walmart because then everything would be MUCH cheaper.

30. You’ll see the most school spirit at basketball and football games. Full cherry and white beast mode.
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Taylor J Allen

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