30 Life Hacks All College Students NEED to Know


Life hacks, things make your life easier that our editors compiled just for you. Being a college student is challenging enough, take a look at these hacks we guarantee you it will make every college students life a little easier.

Organization Hacks

1. Always remember your schedule

Set the home screen on your phone as a picture of your schedule – now no one will know you’re THAT lost freshmen…you’re simply just “checking your phone.”


2. Avoid oversleeping

…and give yourself enough time to get lost on your way to class the first week of school by placing your phone in a glass cup. The reverberation of the alarm will amplify the sound, plus there’s that extra step of reaching into the glass to turn it off.


3. Keep your notebooks in order

Stop shuffling through your bags, drawers, or that big pile of books on your floor – color code your notebooks with a highlighter (one color per class) for quick and easy notebook retrieval.



4. Differentiate your keys

Swiftly sneak bae into your dorm room without any door unlocking struggles. Paint the tops of your keys with different color nail polish so you know exactly which one goes to what.


5. The easiest grocery list ever

Writing down grocery lists is old school. Instead, snap a quick pic of your fridge and cabinets and just like that you know exactly what you already have (and subsequently – what you need).


6. Desk management

You have no excuse to let your desk get messy – all you need is an empty toilet paper roll and BAM – instant organization.



amazonaws.com and www.mommymoment.ca

7. Keep the change

Maybe less of a “hack” and more just a good piece of advice: Start a change jar. Seriously, keep a jar on your desk that you just throw random change into – by the end of the year, you’ll have collected more than you think…perfect for a much needed beer run.


Food Hacks

8. Must have coffee

Aren’t allowed to have a coffee pot in your dorm room, yet refuse to let go of that glorious cup of euphoria every morning? You don’t have to. Enjoy as much liquid gold as you want with this genius hack. Cut the bottom out of a foam cup, place a coffee filter over the hole and secure with an elastic band. Fill the filter with coffee grinds, and while holding the cup over a mug, slowly pour boiling water (heat water up in your microwave) over the grinds.


9. This multipurpose machine

Then again, if you are allowed to have a coffee pot, don’t miss out on it’s many uses.



and buzzfeed.com

10. Because we’re all that impatient

Heat 2 bowls in the microwave by putting one bowl on top of a mug.


11. Get well acquainted with recipes you can make using a mug and a microwave.

Here are just a few.

12. Keep your own fridge stocked…for free

Fill up empty containers in the cafeteria. I’m going to say this is probably frowned upon…so try and be stealth. (Yes, I know this might be hard while holding a full gallon carton of milk.)


Dorm Hacks

13. Save closet space

…with soda tabs.


14. Actually fit your clothes into your dresser

There’s a right way to fold your clothes, and there’s a wrong way. Get it straight.


15. Tape is the new ‘it’ decor

That’s right…hang photos on your wall while adding a little extra pizzaz to the decor. Washi tape is a MUST HAVE for every college student.



16. A mounted TV is easier than you thought

Okay maybe it’s no 60″ plasma screen, but 3M hooks make it easy to mount your tablet pretty much anywhere you want it. Bathroom entertainment anyone?


17. Who needs Fabreeze anyways?

Keep your dorm room constantly smelling great and tape a dryer sheet in front of the fan or AC unit.

18. Upgrade your shower head

Showers been a bit lackluster thanks to less-than-desirable water pressure? Here’s a simple hack to turn your shower into a heavenly waterfall; poke a bunch of holes into the bottom of an empty plastic bottle, and replace it with your old shower head.



Party Hacks

19. Speakers in a pinch

Someone forgot speakers? No problem. Cut a slit into an empty roll of paper towels and pop your iPhone inside. Cut a hole into 2 solo cups and put the ends of the paper towel roll into each. Turn up the volume and party on, Garth.


20. Get cold beer…fast

Wrap a warm beer in a wet paper towel and put it in the freezer (or fridge if you don’t a freezer) for 15 minutes, crack open and enjoy.

21. An easy solution

Need an extra trash can? Flip over a bar stool and put a trash bag in it.

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22. And yet another easy solution

Washing machines makes for a great cooler substitute.



23. Drink in public, undercover

This hack requires a bit of handiwork, but it’s oh-so worth it. Cut the top out of a soda can and slip a beer can inside. No one will ever know that’s not ROOT beer you’re drinking.



Study Hacks

24. Distractions no more

Download an app like the SelfControl app which allows you to block any distracting websites you choose for a certain amount of time. Until the time expires, you absolutely cannot access those sites. Game changer.


25. The snack incentive

If you have a bunch of reading you need to get done and can’t seem to muster the strength to just sit down and do it – add a little incentive to the task. Place a treat at the end of each chapter (or each paragraph) that you get to eat once you reach that section.


26. Read with ease

Another hack for those nights of binge reading: If your reading happens to be online, switch the font to Times New Roman – statistics show that it’s the easiest and fastest font to read.



27. This gum trick

Chew a memorable flavor of gum while you’re studying and then chew that same flavor as you’re about to take the exam…it’ll help trigger your memory.


28. Easy transportation

Turn your laptop bag into a backpack. Yeah, take that ish everywhere.


29. No more trips to the Genius Bar

Set your laptop on top of an egg carton to keep it from overheating.



30. Get better Wifi

….with a beer can. Watch this video to see how.


Featured image source: allfortheboys.com, walkaboutblog.wordpress.com