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30 Cute And Cheap Fall Dresses

30 Cute And Cheap Fall Dresses

Just because the weather has taken a dip in temperature doesn’t mean it’s time to retire your dress collection into storage. Oh no, no. The only thing that the cooler air does is give you a great excuse to expand your dress collection to reflect the trends of the season. There’s no need, of course, to deplete your bank account on the hunt for those perfect fall dresses. I’ve rounded up 30 of the most autumn-inspired dresses I could find, all sitting comfortably under $40! So don’t stash your razors away just yet, ladies; your legs will be taking center stage when you don these cute and cheap fall dresses.

1) Basic Fall Dresses

This green dress is so cute with this scarf and boots!   I love this green fall dress!

The best part about these plain colored, basic dresses is that they are so versatile. No matter what your style – from preppy to goth – you can alter the final look with the addition of accessories, shoes and multiple layers for those chilly fall days.



I love pairing cute and cheap fall dresses with flannels!   Love this burgundy fall dress!


2) Off-the-Shoulder Fall Dresses

this white off the shoulder dress is so cute!   I love this red off the shoulder dress!


A big trend this fall season is off-the-shoulder. While you’ll see tons of blouses sporting this style, don’t be afraid to don it in a longer version. Feminine and flirty, these off-the-shoulder fall dresses are perfect for warmer Autumn days.




I love this off the shoulder dress!   

3) Dressy Fall Dresses

This satin slip dress is so cute for fall!   I love this black party dress for going out!

Planning a big night out this weekend? Don’t let the bitter wind tear you away from wearing an adorable dress! This fall some key trends to look out for when it comes to cute and cheap fall dresses with a fancier vibe are satin and velvet materials as well as anything with a built in choker.





4) Maxi Fall Dresses

This olive green maxi dress with these gladiator sandals are so cute!   I love this striped off the shoulder maxi dress for a fall dress!

Maxi dresses are great in the summer AND in the fall. Go for something that’s long sleeved, or incorporates some fall patterns and colors to really give off a look that’s true to the season.





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5) Sweater Fall Dresses

I love this sweater dress!   I love this maroon and burgundy sweater dress with the over the knee boots for fall!

Don’t keep that cozy, knit material reserved just for your sweaters – fall offers a great opportunity to rock the sweater dress. Sleeveless options are great for warmer days, while the turtleneck variety will keep you warm all throughout the winter months.



A sweater dress and heels is the great dressy look!   

A grey sweater dress and tall boots is the perfect fall look!   



Love these dresses!

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Which of these cute and cheap fall dresses is your favorite? Share in the comments!

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