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The 30 Best Halloween Costumes You Can Prime Under $30

Halloween- that time of the year when people’s creativity is put to the test. Extravagantly crafted outfits, hilarious pun-inspired ensembles and gorgeous costumes that probably cost an arm and a leg; yeah, October 31 certainly caters to our imagination. However, for those of us who can’t be bothered to spend hours upon hours piecing together an outfit that’ll blow everyone’s mind…or paying $100 for a piece of cloth to wear for a just few hours…here are 30 of the best Halloween costumes you can get shipped right to your door and call it a day. Oh, and they’re all under $30. (Thank God for Amazon Prime, #amiright)

Katy Perry

Who doesn’t want to be a California girl? They’re unforgettable…


All you need is a tin man, lion, and Dorothy and your squad is complete.


Throwin’ back to our childhood. Another goodie for the whole girl gang.

Lady Gaga

ANY of Gaga’s getups are perfect for Halloween. Literally any of them.

Sexy Leg Lamp

The iconic sexy leg lamp- hilarious and quite cute at the same time.


The best Halloween costumes, in my opinion, are ones that are comfortable. So when you come across one that’s not only super comfy, but absolutely adorable – snag it.


The sweetest nerd of them all!


This costume was a huge hit back in the Jersey Shore days…but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring it back this year. Plus you can get the dress (or just wear one of your own) AND the wig for super cheap.

Psy (Gangnam Style)

Just know that you’ll be expected to perform the dance, like, all night long.

Where’s Wanda

Probably looking for Waldo.


Sexy without showing too much skin.

Rosie the Riveter

Nothing screams “bad ass” more than good ole Rosie the Riveter.

V for Vendetta

But this is a close second in the bad ass department.


Or Princess Jasmine? Not entirely sure but it’s the perfect go-to either way.

Robin Hood

Forget superman, this costumes super-cute.

Beer Garden Girl

A great excuse to drink beer. Lots of it.


Now all you need is your first mate.

Jason (Friday the 13th)

For those who like to go the actual “Halloween” route. You know, scary.

Cantina Girl

An excuse to rock a bustier, fish nets…and sport a little extra sass all night.

Jungle Girl

Move over Tarzan.

Star Trek Commander

For all those Star Trek fanatics. I know you’re out there.

See Also


They may be past their prime, but I don’t care- I still love this costume.

Broken Doll

Creepy. Oh so creepy. But you can get really creative with the makeup.


My guess is this is going to be a popular one this year.


Remember what I said about the best Halloween costumes being the comfy ones?


How many other times do you get to carry around a whip?

Mail Order Bride

It’s funny.

Prisoner (Orange is the New Black)

Once you’ve got the ensemble, the character choices are endless.


The Austin Powers movies offer a ton of costume options, but this one’s often overlooked.


Play it up with a little makeup and you’re good to go.

What are some of the best Halloween costumes you’ve found? Don’t hold out on us, share in the comments!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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