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30 Beauty Stocking Stuffers Under $15

If you’re looking for cute stocking stuffer ideas, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of 30 beauty stocking stuffers under $15 sure to rejoice anyone who loves makeup and beauty. Whether she likes to switch up her lip color every day or if she’s trying to maintain that sunless tan during the winter, we’ve got every product on this list to keep her covered. Here are 30 beauty stocking stuffers under $15 guaranteed to be a hit this season!

1. Hair Chalk

This is one of those amazing beauty stocking stuffers for girls who always want to change up their hair color without damaging it! Hair chalk is completely temporary but super pigmented and can take any look from average to Instagram worthy.

2. Face Masks

Give the gift of the face mask before their next New Year’s party, so their skin will glow brighter than the lights! You can try my favorite by L’Oreal, which uses charcoal to detoxify and illuminate skin in just 10 minutes!


3. Coffee Body Scrub

These body scrubs not only smell super delicious, there are also so many benefits to using coffee scrubs. It has great exfoliating and skin tightening powers just to name a few. This is a definite must if she needs her cup o’ joe every morning!

4. Give her blush a reboot

Ombre blush is the newest beauty trend. Keep her on track with these gorgeous blushes that give you all the right color in all the right places. She’ll be selfie-ready in no time. Wet N’ Wild and NYX have really good lines of ombre blushes for super cheap!

5. A Little Bit of Hair Rejuvenation For Any Hair Type

These colorful products not only look pretty, but make your hair pretty too! Whether she’s looking for some extra volume or some beachy waves, anything is possible! My favorite is the magical It’s a 10 spray that literally transforms your hair into a silky and soft mane.

6. Baby Lips!

Baby Lips by Maybelline are a must-have! These moisturizing lip balms are not only super cute, they come in every flavor imaginable. Some kinds are also tinted for a little pop of color on the lips!


7. Compact Mirror

These small compact mirrors are good for people who like to touch up their makeup on the go. You can make her feel extra special with a monogrammed version!

8. Makeup Brushes

No girl ever will complain about having too many brushes. Especially if they’re this cute.



9. Travel Makeup Pouch

Of course she is going to need something to hold all of her beauty products in! Give her a cute pouch with a funny saying for her on-the-go necessities!


copy this style:


10. Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel

This glitter gel will make you shimmer and shine! Perfect for halloween/festival season, or to add a little sparkle to your day to day makeup routine! One of the cutest beauty stocking stuffers to give away this Chirstmas.

11. Nail Polish Remover Pads

These little pads are an essential product for any nail color lover who battles stubborn polish. They make perfect beauty stocking stuffers and are great for on-the-go polish removal!

12. A Pretty Nail Grooming Kit

Better to have and not need than to need and not have. This cute gold compact set is perfect for traveling and will be sure to fix any nail mishap.

13. Bath Bombs!

These gorgeous balls of fun are the perfect stocking stuffer for her! Go for one with a good scent or one that will explode into sparkly colors in the water. Bonus: bath bomb pics always rack up the Instagram likes. She’ll thank you later.

14. Beauty Blenders

These little sponges are taking the beauty world by storm! This cute little set has 3 pieces that are different sizes for precise application, all for under $10!

15. EOS Lip Balms

These make great beauty stocking stuffers for any fan of lip balm! Try this 3-piece limited edition set, perfect for EOS lovers! Big or small, either way they’re cute and fun. Perfect travel size!

16. Matte Lipstick

This may top the list of beauty product necessities. NYX is taking over with their flawless matte lipsticks. Colorpop is another great brand to choose from. Try this beautiful winter color or choose from tons of other options!

17. Butter gloss

A new twist on the average lip gloss, brought to you by NYX. These glosses pack a lot of color and a lot of shine for perfectly pouted lips!

18. Body Lotions

The prettier it smells, the better! One option is Winter Velvet body lotion that will be perfect for leaving her skin smooth and hydrated.


19. A mini Burt’s Bees essential set

Basically a girl’s best friend in the winter. Give the gift of pampering with this cute set including 5 travel size Burts Bees favorites

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20. Eyeshadow Palette

No girl could ever own too many eye shadows. Give the gift of a bronzed smokey-eye for Christmas this year.

21. Liquid Eyeliner

From a small wing, to airplane wings, to a simple line, this enhances the size of your eyes TREMENDOUSLY. The felt tip on this liner is perfect for precision and comes in a variety of colors for every eye!

22. Step Up Her Mascara Game

Move over boring black mascara. Introduce her to some eye popping color mascara. These vibrant shades will be sure to make a statement and make a great stocking stuffer!


23. Color Correction Contour Palette

Say that three times fast! This compact palette is perfect for hiding any unwanted blemishes and marks.

24. Lash And Brow Enhancer

Double dip with this enhancer that works for both lashes and eyebrows! Lavish Lash has a super affordable version that works really well! (It may be a little over $15, but it’s totally worth it!)

25. Satin Eye Mask

These cute sleeping masks are a must for any girl who needs her beauty sleep. They’re the next best thing if she doesn’t have black out curtains.

26. Eyeshadow Primer

Every girl wants to make it to 2017 with her eye shadow still in tact. This is one of those necessary beauty stocking stuffers if she loves dressing up her eyes!

27. Give Her A Safe Tan

Who doesn’t love a reliable self tanner in the winter to keep from looking like a ghost? Give her this moisturizing option to keep her feeling like she just returned from the Bahamas with damaging her skin! Try L’oreal Sublime Glow for ultimate color.

28. Makeup Setting Spray

This beauty essential will take any girl’s look to the next level. It will also help with those sweaty nights at the bars! For under $8 you can’t go wrong with this one.

29. A Tinted Moisturizer

The winter is the peak of moisturizing season- dry skin? No thank you. Opt for a tinted moisturizer that will give her the glow and little bit of color.

30. Some Cute Nail Decals

Dress her polished nails up a bit with some super easy to use nail decals! There’s so many options- and yes, another Instagram worthy gift.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

Do you have another other ideas for beauty stocking stuffers under $15? Share in the comments below!
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