3 Ways To Dress Down A Dress (And 3 Ways To Dress It Up)

We all have those dresses in our closet that we bought for a certain occasion…and while it was likely worn for that specific occasion, chances are it hasn’t seen the light of day since. Maybe it’s too formal to wear outside of fancy events, or maybe it’s too informal to don during an interview. Well, with just a few little tweaks, you can easily dress up OR dress down a dress to make it perfect for any occasion!

To Dress It Down:

1. Play with patterns, textures and color.

To dress down a dress to make it more suitable for class, a casual work environment, or everyday wear, the first thing you’ll want to do is to play around with different patterns, textures and colors. Pairing neutral colors with any dress will make it appear less formal, as it tones down the ensemble and doesn’t come off as too bold. Try adding casual materials (like a chambray shirt, a springy scarf or jean vest) to really dress it down.


2. Add layers.

Layers immediately take a formal dress to more of an informal outfit. The simple addition of a sweater or loose cardigan brings a cute, comfy vibe. If you want an edgier look, try something more offbeat, like a flannel underneath the dress and topping the whole look off with a beanie.


3. Throw on super casual shoes.

Flats are a great option for dressing down a dress because they are generally very simple, and not flashy. But to really dress down a dress, consider pairing it with sneakers!


To Dress It Up:

1. Play with statement jewelry.

To dress up an informal dress for work, an interview, or a date; your choice of accessories is incredibly important. A statement necklace can go a long way when it comes to making an outfit pop. Go for something bold that stands out, but also brings the outfit together.

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2. Add a blazer.

Blazers add instant professionalism to any outfit. Seriously, you could be wearing sweats and as soon as you pop a blazer on – CEO status. While you can definitely play around with patterns and colors with your blazer, black is always a safe bet.


3. Stick to heels.

Dress up a casual dress by simply sporting it with a nice pair of heels. If you do decide to go with a heel, make sure you can walk in them – if you’re stumbling around on wobbly ankles all night it won’t matter what your outfit looks like!

Featured image source: lovefromjackie.com
Hope these ways to dress down a dress and dress up a dress helped you! Share your outfit combos in the comments!