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3 Easy Recipes Perfect for College Students

3 Easy Recipes Perfect for College Students


Just because we spend hours a day with papers and wooden desks, doesn’t mean our food has to taste like them. But with midterms and football games, and figuring out how to do laundry, there isn’t much time left to whip up a feast, especially with a near empty wallet. While you ‘chew’ on how relevant this quote (below) is to your life, check out these three delicious, yet incredibly easy recipes that will help any college student get through the day.

As Winnie the Pooh so eloquently put it, “What could be more important than a little something to eat.”




 On the Run Mug

*Recipe and image from All Women Stalk

Midnight cramming equates to late mornings and crazy caffeine cravings, but I got you. With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, here’s a quick and easy recipe that gives you no excuse to skip the morning meal. All you need is the following ingredients, a microwave and just five minutes of your time. (Don’t worry, this dish pairs perfectly with mussed up hair on those days you find yourself running out the door.)

5 minute mug quiche recipe.



  • Two eggs
  • One tablespoon milk or half-and-half
  • ½ cup chopped meat of choice (approximately two ounces)
  • One slice of swiss/cheddar/colby jack cheese (diced)
  • Also: Microwavable mug, cooking spray


  • Spritz cooking spray into the mug and crack the eggs into it.
  • Mix in the milk and beat to form a frothy mixture.
  • When preferred frothiness is achieved, add in the meat and cheese of choice.
  • You’ll need to microwave in increments: first for 30 seconds followed by swift stirring, then for about 1 ½ -2 ½ minutes until the eggs are also cooked to your taste.

“Roman” noodles

*Recipe and image from Robin’s Recipe Box

As of now, packs of Ramen Noodles cost less than a dollar at local grocery stores. This makes it a staple for college students, especially those with no cooking experience (no judgement here). I know all of you are dreaming for an Italian getaway, complete with hot Italian boys, Vespa adventures and discovering your Italian doppelganger (yes, that is a Lizzie McGuire reference), but this dish should help you stave off the dream a little longer.

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Make a pasta dish from Ramen noodles!



  • Ramen Noodles
  • Spaghetti sauce
  • Recommended: Meatballs, parsley, cheese and/or garlic powder


  • Start by microwaving 2 ½ cups of water (you could even use a coffeemaker with varying results).
  • Mix in the Ramen and stir for 2 minutes.
  • Continue mixing, and stir in the flavor packet.
  • Add in that pasta sauce you’ve been saving for a fancy dinner (this is it!) – Prego is a great option and comes in a several varieties.
  • If so inclined, meatballs, parsley, and cheese and/or garlic powder can also be used for an added Italian zest.

Throwback Twinkie Treats

*Recipe and image from Pop Sugar

Sentimental trips down memory lane are great, especially when procrastination hits. Instead of crawling through Myspace and Facebook for mortifying pictures and even more humiliating posts, give this s’mores inspired recipe a spin. Throwback Twinkie Treats are meant to be paired with duck-face selfies for the perfect #TBT.

S'more recipe with a twist!


  • Four double squares graham crackers
  • Three tablespoons of a chocolate/hazelnut spread of your choice
  • One Twinkie (cut into fours)
  • Four marshmallows

Note: These quantities are subjective, so feel free to experiment AKA feel free to eat yourself into a food coma.


  • Split each graham cracker in half and smear a giant teaspoon of spread on one side of each cracker half, and get excited for the next step.
  • ¼ of the Twinkie should be placed on four of the crackers and a marshmallow on the remaining four crackers.
  • The marshmallow-topped crackers should be microwave eight to ten seconds to melt the marshmallows, to create a s’more like effect.
  • Pair each of the four marshmallow’d squares with the four Twinkie’d squares, and enjoy while scrolling past some of your worst decisions on social media.
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