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27 Things I Want To Thank My Friends For

27 Things I Want To Thank My Friends For

From awkward teenage years, to crazy college nights, to never-thought-I’d-see-the-day weddings; our friends have been there with us through every important (and not-so-important) moment of our lives. Over the years, and countless memories later, I’ve come to realize one thing – I have taken these friendships for granted; I have never really spent time to thank my friends for everything they’ve done and truly expressing my appreciation for these amazing people. So now I would like to formally thank each and every one of my friends for, well, being my friends. And more specifically,

I want to thank my friends for…

1. Putting up with my shit.

And letting me know when I need to just shut up and pull it together.

2. Not judging me when I don’t shower.

Or shave. Or bush my teeth. (The list goes on.)


3. Sharing a whole pizza so I don’t eat the entire thing by myself.

Followed by a tub of Ben & Jerry’s.

4. Stopping me from sending that drunk text.

Seriously. Thank you.

5. Being completely honest with me.

Whether I like it or not.


6. Doing absolutely nothing with me.

And enjoying every second of it.


7. Listening to ridiculous vent sessions.

8. Being weirder than I am.

9. Knowing “what’s wrong.”

10. Telling me not to wear that outfit.

11. Convincing us that we want to go to the gym.

And leaving after 5 minutes of being there.

12. Dropping everything you’re doing and coming over when I need you.

13. Being my “Oh sorry, I have to answer this call” scapegoat.

In other words, I’d like to thank my friends for saving me from some unbearable dates.

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14. Letting me know I deserve better.

15. Picking up the phone.

At 3 in the morning.

16. Accepting me into your family.

I would like to thank my friends’ families for this one as well.


17. Supporting my decisions…

even when they are wrong.

18. Not correcting me when I sing the wrong song lyrics.

19. Keeping me entertained with ugly ass Snapchat selfies.

20. Knowing exactly what I need…before I do.

21. Liking every single one of Instagram pictures.

22. Giving me a hug when I need it the most.

23. Bringing me disgustingly greasy food when I’m hungover AF.

Quarter pounder with cheese, large fries, Sprite. And a hashbrown. Or two.

24. Providing me with an infinite number of amazing memories.

25. Loving me unconditionally.

26. Being you.

27. Last but not least, I would like to thank my friends for being the best friends a girl could ask for.
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