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27 Things All Sorority Girls Are Sick of Hearing

27 Things All Sorority Girls Are Sick of Hearing

27 Things All Sorority Girls Are Sick of Hearing

1. You paid for your friends.

Actually, our chapter dues are so that we can throw events and support our organization. We’re friends because we like each other, and not because of the check our parents (or we) write per semester.

2. You party every weekend. That must be so hard.

Believe it or not, we do not party everyday, or every weekend for that matter. We all have our daily routines and partying isn’t number one! We focus on our studies (we have to maintain a certain GPA), we volunteer (see, we’re not selfish and conceited!), hang out with our friends, and do regular things…you know, like regular people.

3. You’re just a typical preppy white girl who only wears Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines, and drinks Starbucks.

Yes, most of us own and wear Lilly Pulitzer clothes, our stuff may be monogrammed, and we may even wear Vineyard Vines, but no, we don’t wear them every single day. Some girls wear gym clothes, some even wear sweatpants (gasp!), and yes, we even wear the same clothes more than once. Kate Sanders is that you? And no, I don’t drink Starbucks all the time. I’m Canadian and we drink Tim Hortons. Dare I say its even better than Starbucks.


4. You’re just another spoiled, bratty, rich kid.

URGHHHHH…. This one deserves an eye roll. For real though; not everyone’s parents have Bill Gate’s net worth. We all come from different financial situations. Money doesn’t define who we are.

5. Hey MRS degree/easy degree.

I’m an honors Biology major, with a minor in Psychology. I work my butt off focusing on my studies, volunteer work and other extracurricular activities. And hopefully one day I will get into Medical School or get a Ph.D. Either way, I’m in it to become a Doctor. Yes, a DOCTOR. My parents didn’t send me to school and waste thousands upon thousands of dollars, to become a girl whose solely dependent on her husband. No, that’s not how I, or many of the girls in sororities and non sorority girls, are raised. We are independent women and don’t need a man. We didn’t join Greek life to be a trophy wife.

And to you reading this, rolling your eyes and saying: “that’s because Mommy and Daddy are rich,” please get a reality check. Not everyone is the same, and shame on you for even thinking that.


6. You must only date frat guys.

Some girls date frat guys, some date guys who aren’t in fraternities, some date guys with tattoos etc. It depends on the girl. We don’t choose who we fall for, it just happens.

7. How did you like being hazed?

You’ve watched too many movies…. Sororities have a VERY strict anti-hazing policy. Just stop….

8. All sorority girls look alike.

No, we don’t look like Barbie dolls. We all are different heights, weights, have different hair color, skin color…we all don’t look alike, at all.


9. You pose the same in every picture.

Uhhhhhh no we don’t. And even if we do, why would that even bother you?

10. No, I mean why do sorority girls squat in every picture?

It’s not rocket science you know. There’s a lot of girls in a sorority, and well, we can’t fit everyone in the picture, so we have to squat…. (See that wasn’t so hard now was it?)

11. What’s with your hands?

There’s nothing wrong with our hands. Maybe you need glasses…


12. When you have a problem, you just call Mommy and Daddy.

I talk to my parents daily. That’s nothing to be ashamed of.

13. So, you’re just not another pretty face?

Seriously? That’s all you think we’re known for? We’re smart, fun loving, easy going individuals…and that’s just the start.

14. Why do you call each other sisters? You’re not even related.

We know we’re not blood related, but we have built a sisterhood. A sisterly bond that cannot be broken, and that makes us sisters.


15. Are you even friends with other people?

Believe it or not, we actually don’t hang out with our own sorority 24/7, 365 days a year. We do have other friends you know.

16. You can’t all possibly get along?

No, we don’t. But we’re all adults and are courteous towards each other.

17. Let’s see that handshake.

Haha, noooooo.


18. Greek life is stupid.

K, that’s nice. That’s your personal opinion and Greek life isn’t for everyone.

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19. Why is all of your stuff monogrammed?

Why do you have a problem with that?


20.Your voacabulary consists of “Like” “OMG” “But daddy….”


21. But you’re not blonde.

Sorry, I didn’t get the memo that all sorority girls have to be blonde.

22. You don’t look like Elle Woods.

Again, really? Sorority girls don’t have to look like Elle Woods or a Barbie doll to be in a sorority….


23. You only wear pink.

I actually wear a lot of black and neutral colors, and so do other sorority girls. Fun fact: most of us actually hate the color pink. Another fun fact: Not all of us are girly girls….

24. But you’re like, really nice….

A lot of girls are nice, sorority girl or non sorority girl. Don’t judge someone just because they’re in a sorority…

25. Wow…. You’re actually really smart!

Just because I’m in a sorority you automatically assume I’m dumb? Seriously…. That’s what you think? Believe it or not, we have to maintain a certain GPA in order to even be in a sorority.


26. You use Mommy and Daddy’s credit cards.

Okay, and what’s your point? There’s nothing wrong with our parents financially supporting us. We’re in school to get an education and ultimately a job in which we will be able to support ourselves. We’re not spending our parent’s money to buy stupid things like drugs or cigarettes. Quick fact: Most of us work. Yes, we work and make our own money.

27. “Philanthropy” right…..

Yes! We’re not conceited girls who only think of our appearance and dating frat guys…. Again you’ve been watching too many movies. Most of us volunteer in our spare time, through our sorority or on our own time. We make monetary donations, are part of non-profit organizations. We give back to our community as should any person sorority girl or not.
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