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27 Important Questions You Should Know About Your Significant Other

27 Important Questions You Should Know About Your Significant Other

As we all know, each relationship is different. Every person has certain things that make them tick and attributes that can make or break a relationship for them. But it is the little things that matter, right? I’m here to tell you what I think is important to know about your significant other. See how many of these questions you do know about them!

1. If they could have any super power, what would it be?

2. What was their favorite childhood movie?


3. What’s their favorite color?

4. Where do they see themselves in a year?

5. What is their favorite pastime?

6. What is the best thing they learned from their family?

7. Which parent are they more like?

8. What is their favorite food?

9. What is their biggest pet peeve?

10. What is their favorite brand?

11. If they could have a tattoo (or get another) what would it be?


12. What is their dream home?

13. What is their idea of a perfect date?

14. Do they like to shower in the morning or at night?

15. Do they want children?

16. What class was their favorite growing up?

17. Have they ever had surgery?

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18. If they could have any job what would it be?

19. Where do they stand politically?

20. Pancakes or waffles?


21. What is their favorite kind of pizza?

22. How does he/she unwind?

23. How many times has he/she moved?

24. What is their “type”?

25. Are they the jealous type?

26. What did he/she learn about marriage from their parents?

27. What is their all time favorite book?

What are some other questions we should know about our significant other? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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