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25 Tips Every Kent State Freshman Must know

25 Tips Every Kent State Freshman Must know

25 Tips Every Kent State Freshman Must know

Leaving home for college is one of the biggest changes you’ll experience in life. You’ll have so much freedom, and you will learn so much about yourself and the world around you. College is a time to branch out and find what you do and don’t like, as well as figure out what you want to do with your life. Freshman year is the beginning of the best four years of your life, so here are a few tips on how to make the best of your time at Kent State:

1. Eat on campus.

Take advantage of your meal plan!!

For more info, click here.


2. Exercise.

Make time to workout/stay in shape.

3. Don’t go out Welcome Weekend.

There will be plenty of time for partying during the next 4 years. Use this time to organize your dorm/schedule and meet the people on your floor.

4. Attend every festival.

i.e. Black Squirrel Festival, Blastoff, etc.


5. Join campus activities.

Get involved in as many groups or clubs as you can to see what you like and dislike.

6. Check out Downtown Kent.

Explore the local downtown area and familiarize yourself with it.



7. Make the most of Kent Holidays!

This includes Homecoming, Fake Patty’s Day, and Halloween, among others.

8. Go Greek.

If you are interested, it’s a great way to meet people and stay busy on campus!

9. Go out.

If you ever have to choose between going out and staying in, always choose to go out.


10. Get comfortable with the campus.

Explore and familiarize yourself with campus as much as you can.

11. Get an on-campus job.

It’s a convenient and efficient way to earn some extra cash.

12. Study abroad.

Do it!


13. Invest in comfortable walking shoes.

Your feet will thank you, since Kent’s campus is huge!

14. Attend sporting events.

Might as well, considering you’re already paying to attend them.

15. Join an intramural sport.

You can sign up for one at the Rec (Recreation and Wellness Center).

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16. Utilize all the services the Rec has to offer.

For more information regarding what is offered, click here.

17. Beware of the squirrels.

Don’t be offended if a black squirrel throws an acorn at you as you’re walking to class… it happens to everyone.


18. Learn the PARTA routes.

This means memorize them!!

19. Make friends with upperclassmen.

20. Don’t lock yourself in your dorm all weekend.

Unless you’re studying, of course.

21. Actually read Pres. Bev’s emails!

It’s so important to stay informed about what’s going on around campus.


22. Invest in pepper spray.

And actually carry it with you when you go out.

23. Attend Flashperk events.

You get free stuff!

24. Take advantage of being a student.

There are so many discounts and free things that different businesses have to offer college students.


25. And finally, make sure you make the most of every moment here at Kent State…

These years go by way faster than you think.

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