25 Stylish Gift Ideas for the Fashionista

Finding the right gifts for the fashion-obsessed lady in your life is NOT easy. If you’re not on their fashion savvy level, it can be hard to determine which products are in, and which ones are so last year. That’s why I think the safest bet is sticking to relatively simple gift ideas, that still scream fashionable (maybe just not as loud as something she’d buy on her own). Here are 25 stylish gift ideas for every type of fashion lover out there. And don’t worry, if she’s a true fashionista, she’ll take whatever you give her and make it work!

For the Accessory Obsessed Who Love All Kinds Of Necklaces, Rings & Bracelets


1. Inspirational Necklaces With The Perfect Message

Simple, elegant and seriously stylish, inspirational necklaces are always a hit. Dainty pieces with meaningful messages are favorite among any accessory lover.



2. Some Encouraging Charms To Get Her Through Each Day

Give your girl the motivation and inspiration to get through the day with a thoughtful charm.


3. Dainty Rings To Dress Up Her Fingers

These clean designs will suit any and all fashionistas. Wear as many or as a few as you want and they will still look great!




4. Motivational Earrings With A Powerful Meaning

Not just ANY earrings; these little gems offer constant reminders to keep on truckin’.



5. Bohemian Bracelets To Add To Her Stackable Collection

This is a great gift idea for all those boho babes. She can never have too many bracelets to combine with one another and create a look as unique as she is.



6. Jewelry Making Kit For The DIY Lover

Can’t decide on one piece of jewelry for her? Go ahead and get her a jewelry making kit so she can create her own designs that she will love!




For The Ones Who Know That Fashion Can’t Stand In The Way Of Practicality.

7. A Classic Quilted Purse For Every Occasion

Pretty much a fashionista’s wardrobe staple. If she doesn’t already have one, get her one. It also wouldn’t hurt to have one in every color.




8. A Jewelry Holder To Organize Her Mounds Of Jewelry

She needs somewhere to hold all that fantastic jewelry, doesn’t she? A cute wall jewelry holder or a dish make the perfect and the most practical gifts for any fashionista.


9. Warm Scarves To Accesorize Her Look And Keep Her Cozy

Even if she already has a thousand, you can’t go wrong with a cozy scarf for the winter.



10. A Tote To Carry Her Belongings

Whether she’s carrying around her gym clothes, or a bunch of “random crap,” the fact is – she needs something to put it in.



11. Another Pair Of Sunglasses To Adorn Her Beautiful Face

No fashion savvy woman can have enough sunglasses, trust me. Make her smile this year, with yet another pair to add to her collection.




For the One Who Likes to Try New Things And Constantly Change Up Their Style

Gift ideas for those who like to keep you guessing. Keep them guessing with a subscription to one of these fashion inspired boxes.

12. Her Fashion Box

This box comes equipped with 2-3 fashion accessories and at least 4 deluxe beauty and lifestyle samples.

13. Le Tote

This box delivers 3 garments and 2 accessories. But here’s the kicker – you wear the items and then send them back, and then receive your next set of options just days later!


14. The Style Box

Each Style Box contains at least $100 (and sometimes up to $200) worth of the latest on-trend products.



For the Closet Nerd (A.K.A. Those Who Love Fashion, But Are Geeks at Heart.)

15. Tech Gloves So She Can Still Send Texts In Freezing Weather

Don’t let fashion stand in the way of her urgent text message. These gloves look cute and are heat sensitive, to work with your phone. Long gone are the days of waiting till your inside to type a text.



16. A Cute Or Quirky iPhone Case

If she’s got fashion, chances are her phone does too. Give her options for dressing up her phone with one of these cute cases.


17. Some Fashion Books To Increase Her Fashionista Knowledge

Any bookworms out there? How about a book ALL about fashion? These books will keep her occupied for hours.

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18. A Pair of Cool Headphones So She Can Rock Out In True Style

Whether she uses them for background music, an early morning phone conference, or to listen to the latest TED talk – these stylish headphones provide incredible sound (and even better looks).




For the Trendy Hipster Who Has The Coolest Stuff Before Anyone Else

19. Clear Vintage Inspired Glasses

These clear lens glasses always look super cool and trendy on anyone on wears them. They have a vintage inspired feeling and make for great instagram selfies.



20. Bags with Attitude

Support her ‘tude with these statement bags. Nobody wants a boring old makeup pouch.


21. A Step in the Right Direction

Boots and socks will never go out of style. She knows it, I know it, we all know it. You can never have too many socks.



22. Top it Off with Style

From fedoras, to wide-brimmed, to slouchie beanies – fashionistas love hats. They’re the perfect accessory to pull any look together.




For the One Who Has Everything

You know this type. She’s got anything and everything. While at first you might think she’s the hardest to buy for, she’s actually the easiest! Usually the girl who has everything is the type of person who, no matter what you give them, they’ll love it. Instead of going the fashion route, here a few beauty related gift ideas that any fashionista can always use more of!

23.  A Pretty Perfume

You may not know what scents she prefers, but let’s be real – a good smelling perfume is a good smelling perfume. Even if she keeps it as a reserve, it’s still a great gift!



24. Some Yummy Lip Balm

Gift her a set that comes with multiple colors, than she’ll always be prepared with the right tone to match her outfit.


25. A Lotion Gift Set

Keep her skin silky smooth (especially for those days she’s rockin’ that leather mini) with the gift of a quality moisturizer.



Do you have any other stylish gift ideas for the fashionistas out there? Share in the comments below!

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