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25 Sexy Dresses Under $30

As Valentine’s Day draws near, it’s time us ladies starting thinking about that perfect date night outfit that will completely and utterly knock our guy off his feet. While these sexy dresses are by no means reserved for February 14th, we definitely think each one would be the perfect ensemble for that red-hot day of love. But of course, you could don one of these jaw-dropping getups any day of the year! Whether you prefer a plunging neckline, or a more discreet peekaboo cutout, here are 25 options all under $30!

Dresses with a little flare

Cute AND sexy; the extra volume at the bottom of these dresses leaves more to the imagination. The lace accents create a sultry feel, while opting for a more vibrant hue, such as red, stays in tune with the colors of the season.



Dresses with a daring neckline

For those blessed with a bosom worth flaunting, a plunging neckline is possibly the sexiest component of a dress you could wear. By sticking to a dress that is relatively simple, you put all the focus right where you want it 😉




Dresses made to show off those curves

Is there anything more sexy than a dress that hugs you in all the right places? Skin tight to show off those hard earned curves…these dresses will leave your man drooling.



Dresses with alluring cutouts

Whether it an open slit around the waist, a sneaky gap above the chest, or a cut that reveals your entire back – cutouts are undeniably sexy. Because these cutouts act as accessories within themselves, keep your additional accessories to a minimum so you don’t end up looking tacky.



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Dresses with intricate straps

This one is in the details. A sexy dress with intricate straps immediately grabs attention. The zigzag affect is incredibly alluring – showing off skin without being too in-your-face. These dresses are the perfect go-to for any date night.




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