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25 Motivational Quotes to Live By

25 Motivational Quotes to Live By

Do you find yourself unmotivated during that late night study session in the library? Or maybe as you sit at your desk, pondering that essay due tomorrow? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. However, hearing a few words of encouragement may be just the motivation you need to keep on going. Quotes are a great way to provide a little extra boost of inspiration that will allow you to hustle your way through that night of last minute cramming. Here is a list of 25 motivational quotes to keep you inspired and focused in college.

1. Stay determined

2. Never stop learning

3. Stay challenged

4. Do your best

5. Live in the moment

6. Have goals

7. One step at a time

8. BELIEVE in yourself

9. Be a leader

10. Stay educated

11. Live in the now

12. Never quit

13. It’s you…and now

14. Keep trying

15. Again…believe in yourself!

16. Push yourself

17. Keep your standards high

18. Be consistent

19. Life isn’t easy

20. Stay positive

21. Dream big

22. Don’t look back

23. Make good habits

24. Set goals

25. Be awesome

College is perhaps one of the biggest highlights in life, so go ahead and grab it by the horns. Take some time out of your day to hang up a few of these quotes on your wall or even put them on your notebooks. They are great reminders to keep yourself encouraged and motivated throughout the day!

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