25 Gifts for People Who Are Obsessed With The Beach

If you know someone who is obsessed with the beach, be sure to check out this list full of perfect summertime-inspired gifts!

Believe it or not, the holiday season is just around the corner. Thanksgiving is a mere three weeks out. And, hold on to your mittens now, Christmas will follow just short of a month after. Where does the time go? Before you get too “wrapped up” in this philosophical conundrum, dive into that lengthy gift list before the ice and bitter cold strikes. We all have a special someone in our lives that yearns for the the salty breeze rolling in off the tide and to feel the sand between their toes. Here are 25 unique gifts for people who are obsessed with the beach that will warm any heart this holiday season, specifically the coastal- loving variety.

1. The Cutest Wine Charms You Ever Did See

Okay, come on…how can you possibly resist these adorable wine markers? Perfect for any beach lover who’s also a wine enthusiast.

2. A New Doormat For Greeting Friends

Whether your beach obsessed friend has an apartment or their own home, they’ll fall in love with this doormat that looks like ACTUAL sand – so cool!


Best Christmas Beach Heart Pattern Anti-skid Water Absorption Area Rug

3. These Whaled It! Measuring Cups To Add To Your Kitchen Decor

Talk about a kitchen score! Glazed in gradient hues of blue and white, this ceramic four- set will “sea” that all of your baking and cooking endeavors go swimmingly. Bonus: they are microwave and dishwasher safe!



4. These Stemless Wine Glasses

Basically a must-have in any beach lover’s kitchen. These 4 phrases are probably their most commonly used phrases now that you think about it…

5. A Phone Case That Speaks The Truth

We all know getting our daily Vitamin C is important, but all beach lovers will know getting our daily Vitamin Sea is just as important!


6. A Cute Manatee Creature Cup

Weeee! Manatee is here and ready to stage some tricks in your coffee! As you savor your morning cup o’ joe or a late- night hot cocoa, the manatee will gradually emerge. This quirky ceramic mug is both microwave and dishwasher safe, and holds 11 oz. These make the cutest gifts for people who are obsessed with the beach!

7. Whale Slippers For The Colder Months

Get ready for some fin- tastic cuddling sessions with these whale foot warmers! Who doesn’t love to have a good pair of slippers when it starts to get cold!? Cozy and cute get along swimmingly in this precious pair!


9046-2 - Whale - Medium - Happy Feet Animal Slippers

8. A Cute Beach Throw Pillow 

A throw pillow is a great gift for anyone. They can plop it on their bed or toss it on the couch and jazz up their living room with it!

Online Letter Beach Decorative Throw Pillow Case


9. A Tapestry That Actually Brings You To The Beach

Forget those ordinary mandala tapestries that every college girl has (#basic) and opt for one of these gorgeous beach tapestries that actually might transport you to the ocean if you stare at them long enough…

Outfits Seascape Seagulls Waterproof Wall Tapestry    Cheap Sunset Beach Waves Print Tapestry Wall Hanging Art Decoration



10. This Hydrating Hair Mask Perfect For Major Hair Renewal

Revitalize parched strands with this ultra-hydrating, all-natural hair mask. A nourishing meld comprised of organic extra virgin coconut, macadamia, and almond oils, the certified vegan formula adds both moisture and shine to maintain and protect your luscious locks, sans any harsh chemicals. Refrigerate packet until contents are creamy. Apply to dry hair and let sit for at least thirty minutes. Wash and style according to your normal routine.

ST. TROPICA Coconut Oil Hair Mask - 3 Full-Sized Hair Masks - #1 Ranked on Skin Deep; USDA Organic with Biotin + Hair Superfoods. STRONGER, THICKER, LUSTROUS Hair with brilliant SHINE!

11. Take Your Bath To A New Level With These Beach Bath Bombs

Reconnect with the natural world with these bubbly and fragrant scents for a blissful escape to the seashore. Indulge and treat your giftee (or yourself) to a spa-like experience with beach bath bombs crafted from quality ingredients, such as rich cocoa butter and nutritive coconut oil. Kick back, unwind, and drift away…all in the comfort of your own tub!
Scents include: Sun-Kissed (orange & lemon); Set Sail (honey & almond); Saltwater Taffy (lavender); Barefoot Beach (peppermint & eucalyptus); Ocean Breeze (lime & sage); Endless Summer (lemon & rosemary).


12. A Gorgeous Beachside Tapestry To Decorate Those Boring Walls

Fact: the snow drifts, icicles, and blustering winds are fast approaching. Shake off the winter blues and bring the coastline to your bedroom! A brief glance at this tranquil tapestry, a scene of warm and cool tones by the talented Guido Montanes, will instantly transport you to paradise! This is probably one of those necessary gifts for people who are obsessed with the beach!


13. A Festive Pineapple Candle Holder For Any Occasion

Put a great smelling candle in this delightful, pineapple-shaped solid brass holder.  Time to get your pina-colada on! This one takes the cake for one of the cutest beach gifts!

14. An Anchor Bracelet To Show Your Love For The Beach

Anchors Away!  This totally cute knotted bracelet is available in three other colors. Pair it with some more of your favorite bracelets for an effortless beachy-chic vibe!



15. A Rustic Sea Glass Wind Chime To Take Your Mind Directly To The Beach

Beach glass, also known as mermaid’s tears, is glass found on shorelines that has been tumbled and smoothed by wave and sand. The results are exquisitely tinted, smooth, frosted shards, none of which are alike any other. All sea glass and driftwood utilized in this piece were collected from the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, such as Fort Myers in Florida, talk about some one-of-a-kind gifts for people who are obsessed with the beach!


16. A Sand Dollar Necklace To Dress Up Your Neck

In many island cultures, sand dollars are considered as mystical creatures who embody a living Mandala. Each delicate “sea biscuit” possesses a distinctive pattern that resembles miniature leaves with branching veins, which all converge on a central point. According to ancient legend, upon opening, five doves are released to spread peace across the universe. What a way to spread glad tidings this holiday season! Classy and elegant. Gold plated over sterling silver, accented by a 14k gold filled chain.


17.  A Marble Nautical Map Clock For Some Amazing Interior Decor

The Marble Nautical Map Clock, with wrought iron easel, is printed on an 8-inch tile of imported marble- no two tiles are exactly alike. With depth information and the outlines of hidden sandbars, nautical charts reveal safe passage to expert sailors. To the casual viewer, they evoke seaside memories and dreams of summers yet to come.

18. A Barrier Reef Afghan Throw To Cozy Up In

Cozy up with a throw in cool ocean breezes- err, blustering Northeast blizzards, that is. Nothing quite compares to those frigid December and January nights, huddled fireside with family under a warm and toasty throw, as the snowflakes drift down gracefully outside. A generous size, the Barrier Reef throw features the creatures of the deep, including a turtle, seahorse, and octopus.


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19. The Saltwater Plaid Duck Boots by Sperry

Keep your toes snug and dry while you continue your adventures this winter in this update to the signature duck boot series. The Saltwater Plaid Duck features matte rubber and printed canvas materials to shield you against the elements. Rawhide barrel lacing ensure a secure fit while the micro- fleece lining provides warmth under foot. These make super practical gifts for people who are obsessed with the beach!


20. A Stone Drink Dispenser For Your Next Party

Enjoy your favorite drinks on the rocks- or from the rocks to be more precise- with this unique beverage dispenser. Crafted from roughhewn, cobbled granite and equipped with a stainless steel tap, this kitchen fixture dispenses libations with ease while celebrating the natural beauty of stone. Handmade in New England. Cheers to a merry holiday season and a prosperous New Year!


21. Some Delicious Mango Tango Loose Leaf Tea That Will Take You Back To That Vacay in 2005

Tropical and brisk, Mango Tango is a fresh take on the classic tradition of flavor-infused black teas. This blend of crisp Ceylon and fresh passion fruit and mango yields a light and fruity brew that tastes indulgent any time of the year. Following a five-minute steep, it develops into a deep, reddish liquor with a bright aroma that lends itself to versatility. A steamy pot will warm you in winter while an iced cup will keep you cool poolside. One of the best gifts for people who are obsessed with the beach!

22. Some Yummy Crab Town Peanuts

Hot steamed crabs, smothered in Chesapeake Bay seasoning- a summertime essence firmly ingrained upon any seafood- lover’s memory. Well, these peanuts are one-in-the same; I can make such a claim wholeheartedly because I have personally sampled and devoured a whole tin. Hand-cooked Virginia peanuts are the perfect savory appetizer or snack for guests to nosh on before the main meal.


23. A Festive Anchor Apron For All Your Cooking Needs

Aprons are timeless accessories and, in my humble opinion, a necessity for any seasoned chef or baker. This anchor theme apron is undoubtedly a classic for all beach lovers. Fabric design boasts paisley anchors situated on a deep navy background. Manufactured from 100% cotton and machine washable. Plus, the interior is fully lined with identical material; so if you have a spill (which is bound to happen in hectic feast preparations) just turn it around! This is definitely one of those super practical gifts for people who are obsessed with the beach!


24. The Essie ‘Viva Antigua’ Collection To Take You Back To The Summer

Travel feeds the soul. Adventure stimulates the senses. For thrilling sights in an array of shades, Antigua, Guatemala, is your destination! Defy societal conventions of dismal grays and browns this winter and channel your love for summertime and bold color tones. Follow the beat of your own drum…Viva Antigua!



25. A Crab Stocking To Stuff All Sorts Of Goodies In

No Christmas can be complete for a beach lover than to combine one of the grandest of holidays with their nirvana. This canvas stocking is perfect for any beach bum who can’t spend the season on the coast, as it is just the right size to be “hung by the chimney with care”. The perfect stocking for people who are obsessed with the beach!

Do you have any other fun ideas for gifts for people who are obsessed with the beach? Share in the comments below!

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