25 Gifts For People Obsessed With Wine

For the wine enthusiasts in your life, you will definitely want to check out these 25 gifts for people obsessed with wine!

Wine is such a versatile drink that it’s hard not to be obsessed with it. Not to mention, it tastes delicious, red or white, sweet or bitter. During the holiday season, it’s safe to say the amount of wine consumed around the world probably doubles. That means it’s the perfect time of year to pick out that cute wine gift for the wine lover in your life. Whether you’re having a glass to relax from a long day or during a night out with your friends, it’s the perfect drink (I might be a little biased here.) So here are 25 gifts for people obsessed with wine that make perfect holiday presents!

1. A Wine Glass With A Powerful Message

Because who doesn’t love cute wine glasses with some attitude?


2. A Bath/Shower Caddy For Your Wine Glass

Finally, somebody was thinking! Sip your glass of wine with confidence during your next bath because you won’t have to worry about knocking it over!



3. Wine Cooling Cups

Forget watering down your wine with ice cubes. These glasses will keep any drink cool for hours!


4. A Cork Holder

Did you have a special bottle of wine on your anniversary? For Valentine’s Day? Maybe even for your 21st birthday? Keep all those corks as precious memories of your good times inside a cork shadow box!



5. Cute Wine Glass Charms

Something to add an extra bit of bling to your glass while also making sure you never lose your glass. These are basically necessary gifts for people obsessed with wine.


6. Wine Bottle Holders

These decorative bottle holders are perfect for stocking up on wine in your kitchen!



7.  Socks To Let Everyone Know How You Really Feel

No need to use words when you can us your socks to let people know how you feel. Just slip these babies on before you sink off into your couch. That way, you won’t have to get up when the moment is calling for that first glass.


8. A Coaster Set For Your Wine Parties

Coasters that say exactly what you are thinking when it comes to wine are perfect for any gathering.


VinoPlease 4 Wine Coasters - Wine Gifts Accessory for Any Wine Enthusiast


9. Wine Glass Markers

With these markers you can personalize your glass while also making sure you remember which one is yours when you put the glass down.



10. A Wine Rack (That You Should Probably Keep Full At All Times)

This cute wine rack is a perfect way to show off all of your bottles. One of the cutest gifts for people obsessed with wine!


11. Wine Bottle Stoppers

Sometimes your bottle stopper just knows what to say. This is the cutest way to keep your wine tasting fresh even after the bottle is open.



12. A Silly Bottle Opener

This punny wine bottle opener is sure to get some laughs to start off your night.



13. The “Bottelabra

This super cool 2-in-1 bottle stopper and candle holder is perfect to set the *mood*. A great idea for saving your bottles for decoration as well.

14. Wine Totes That Speaks The Truth

Perfect to gift any bottle of wine in or for transporting your own wine around. These are such cute gifts for people obsessed with wine!



15. “Girls with class don’t need a glass” Flask

This flask speaks for its self.


16. A Portable Wine Bottle For On The Go

With this fold-able wine bottle bag, you can take your wine with you where ever you go. Whoever created this is a savior.


17. Conquer Your Wine Fears And Questions

This book is a great way to trick people into thinking you know more about wine than you actually do. Any question you may have about wine or wine pairing is answered in this book. You’re welcome.

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18. High Heel Wine Bottle Holder

Perfect for any wine and shoe enthusiast (which I’m sure there’s a lot of.) Just remember after you’ve had a couple drinks that this is a shoe you cannot put on.

19. Cozy Slippers To Keep Your Feet Happy And Warm.

Paired with a good bottle of wine these slippers will complete a cozy night in.


20. The Pillow That Knows How To Keep You Calm

The only pillow that knows how to keep you calm. Snuggle up to this with a nice big glass when you’ve had a long day. You’ll feel better in no time. *Only the pillowcase is sold. Get your pillow in any local store!



21. A Supersized Wine Glass For A Supersize Serving

Finally a wine glass that fits your actual needs. This is probably one of the funniest wine gifts I’ve ever seen!


22. Animal head Aerators

These cute and functional aerators are sure to make your wine taste even better and are great conversation starters, too!

23. Bathtub Wine (And Other Important Things) Holder

This combines two great things, a nice bubble bath and a glass of wine.


24. Stocking flask

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than pouring wine from a festive stocking? This piece will definitely be a great conversation starter once you host your next party!


25.  The “WTF” Shirt

The perfect way for you and your bestie to display your obsession with wine.

Do you have any other cute gifts for people obsessed with wine? Share in the comments below!

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25 gifts for people obsessed with wine