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25 DIY Bookshelf Ideas To Brighten Your Dorm Room

An easy way to keep your college textbooks and books organized is with a bookshelf! There are lots of bookshelf ideas that are both stylish and functional, and the best part is you can do most of them yourself! Here are 25 DIY bookshelf ideas to brighten your dorm room, and add some extra storage space!

1.) Desk Bookshelf

Desk bookshelves are great because they are affordable, easy to install and provide you with lots of convenient storage space. These types of shelves rest either on top of your desk and behind it, to maximize your desk space by keeping books organized and out of the way.

2.) Above Desk Bookshelf

You can also install bookshelves on the wall above your desk. Installing a couple bookshelves above your desk is another simple, easy, and convenient way to store your textbooks. Just make sure you use removable hooks to install them so that they don’t damage your dorm walls.

3.) Headboard Bookshelf

The headboard bookshelf is a classic college dorm room storage idea. These make for a fun and easy DIY project and will make a cute and stylish bed headboard that is also very functional. You can choose to store your books in a setup like this or use the shelves to store sheets, beddings, towels, etc.

4.) Floor Bookshelf

If you have enough space in your room, an easy bookshelf idea is to either purchase or build your own floor bookshelf. These types of bookshelves are multipurpose, which is perfect when space means everything in a dorm room! For example, a storage idea is to store your shoes on the bottom shelf, books on the middle shelf, and use the top shelf as a coffee table. The possibilities are endless with this type of bookshelf!

5.) Stacked Bookshelf

Stacked bookshelves are great because they allow you to customize your storage based on your needs. Many stores sell individual shelves and cubes that you can DIY by stacking them on top of each other, either on the floor or on the walls. They will provide lots of shelving area for you and can also add some cute and quirky flair to your room to help brighten it up.

6.) Column Bookshelf

A column bookshelf is essentially a bookshelf system that involves installing small bookshelves along one column, which is then mounted on the wall. This project is easy to DIY, all you need are a few scrap pieces of wood and a drill. Securely drill the shelves onto a wooden column and mount them! Store small books on some of the shelves, then add plants or decoration to freshen up your room! This column bookshelf is adorable and will add a Bohemian touch to your dorm room.

7.) Cubby Bookshelf

Cubby bookshelves are also another commonly used bookshelf in college dorms. You can DIY your own by installing a frame that will sit on the floor, and then stack storage cubes within it. All your books and school supplies will be neatly organized, and the individual cubbies will be neatly stored inside the frame so they won’t take up much space within your room.

8.) Geometric Bookshelf

Find your inner designer by installing geometric bookshelves on the wall! These are almost the same as traditional bookshelves but just arranged in such a way that they create a nice pattern that also functions as a storage/decor space. 

9.) Ladder Bookshelf

This is a DIY bookshelf idea that practically builds itself. You can either use an older ladder you have lying around or make it yourself by drilling planks of wood onto two support beams. Lean it against the wall and you’re good to go! You can also feel free to stain, paint or decorate the wood however you’d like to add your own personal touch to it.

10.) Pyramid Bookshelf

This pyramid bookshelf doubles as a unique and imaginative decoration, and will also provide you with plenty of shelving!

11) Rustic Bookshelf

Add some rustic and vintage decor elements to your room. Repurpose old pieces of wood by installing them onto brass poles.

12.) Tree Bookshelf

This tree bookshelf is creative, and will add a refreshing and modern touch to your room! Using one long plank of wood as your base, drill smaller planks in an alternating pattern to create a slanted bookshelf system. The planks will support each other, and the end result will provide a visually striking and highly organized system.

13.) Suspended Bookshelf

I love these suspended shelves! First of all, they don’t require that much installation. The only installation involves hanging the ropes securely on the wall while making sure they are securely attached to the wooden planks. Drill two holes that are evenly spaced on the ends of the planks, then string a rope through it and knot it underneath to support the shelves. The only trick is to make sure the lengths of the ropes and the spacing on the planks are even so they hang straight across and will not be lopsided.

14.) Stair Bookshelf

Imaginative, whimsical, and practical all in one! This project is also super easy. On a plank of wood, drill holes into the wood at an angle, each one evenly spread out by about 2-3 inches. Then, secure a peg inside each hole, and install the plank at the same angle that the pegs are facing, so that the books will be securely supported even though the shelf is at an angle.

15.) Wine Case Bookshelf

You can either repurpose a wine case that you have at home or install shelves into the pattern of one. Either way, this design will be sure to freshen up your room!

16.) Floating Bookshelves

Floating bookshelves are like traditional bookshelves, but to achieve the “floating” effect, install them into a room corner while alternating them. They will help add some dimension to your room, and might even help to give the illusion that the room is bigger than it is.

17.) Crate Bookshelves

Crate bookshelves are easy, creative, and aesthetic. This type of bookshelf does not require any installation of prep. Simply use old produce crates, and stack them onto each other to create a stylish bookshelf that only takes minutes to install! Keep them bare to add a country feel to your room, or paint them to a design of your liking.

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18.) Corner Bookshelves

Installing bookshelves on the corner of your room is a great solution to space and storage problems, as you can install multiple shelves for efficient storage that only takes up a small part of the room.

19.) Alternating Bookshelves

Similar to the floating shelves idea, but on the wall instead of the corner! 

20.) Mini Shelves

The small size of this kind of bookshelf serves more of a decorative purpose rather than a functional one, however, they are still stylish and fresh.

21.) Cardboard Bookshelf

Cardboard bookshelves might not be able to hold a lot of weight, but nonetheless, they are a fun and easy DIY idea to store smaller and lighter belongings. 

22.) Stacked Triangle Bookshelf

This stacked triangle bookshelf is simplistic but will add a whimsical and exotic statement to your room.

23.) Modular Stacking System

Another stacking system, but with a light and minimalist design. These are installed by drilling wooden frames on top of each other. This kind of stacking shelf system is customizable, as you can make it as big or as small as you want according to your storage needs, and the size of your room.

24.) Hanging Chain Bookshelf

These are installed using the same method as the suspended bookshelf with ropes, but with chains instead!

25.) Honeycomb Bookshelf

Another geometric bookshelf idea to find your inner interior designer! Install shelves in the shape of a honeycomb to achieve both storage and interior design!

Which one of these bookshelf ideas would you like to have in your dorm? Let us know in the comments below!

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