22 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Fashion Inspiration

Have a hard time picking out the perfect outfit for your daily activities? Don’t have any inspiration to define your style? Below is a list of 22 stylish Instagram accounts, most of them are bloggers, who will definitely give daily inspiration to style your outfits. Plus, if you’re ever looking to buy exactly what the style gurus are wearing, you can find many of the products here! (Yes, it’s that easy)


This soon-to-be mama is one of my favourite Instagram accounts! I just love how casual and relaxed her outfits are! Jenn’s style can provide great inspiration from school outfits to casual weekends. Best of all, she wears affordable pieces!


2. @style_by_salli

Need outfit inspiration and have designer items to incorporate with your style? Well, Salli’s your girl! This blogger is a junior in high school who calls herself and addict to shopping at Barney’s in New York. She also loves to shop at Alice + Olivia, Intermix and Otte NY.


3. @sarahbelle93x

You may have seen her on YouTube talking about her shopping hauls or beauty and fashion advice, but she is also known for her Instagram account. Her style is casual, cute, school friendly and preppy! She wears adorable pieces, many of which are affordable. If you’re into Tory Burch and Kate Spade, like Sarah, than this account is for you.


4. @atrendypeace

Need an outfit inspiration for the weekend? Kerri Ann’s style will be your new go-to! Her outfits are affordable and easy to recreate! She lives in Boston, MA, and started her blog to feed her shopping habits.


5. @juliahengel

Julia started her blog, Gal Meets Glam, as a junior in college, and now she has turned her blog into a huge business. Gal meets Glam is focused on beauty, fashion and travel – and can I just take a second to say how jealous I am of her! Not only does she get to the travel around the world for her job (and have the most beautiful scenery as a backdrop for her blog posts), but her style is always on point! Though most of her clothes are a bit expensive, you can always find similar and affordable items to recreate!


6. @extrapetite

For any readers that need to dress business casual for school, a job, or if you’re just the type of person that just likes to dress up; Jean’s account is a must follow. Jean is a Boston blogger and she also works as a CFA charterholder and a startup e-commerce company.


7. @emilyanngema

If you like animal print, furry and sparkly pieces; Emily’s account is great source for inspiration. Her outfits are school friendly, easy to copy and some of them are budget friendly! She’s from Arkansas and started her blog in 2013.


8. @elinacasell

Not only is she the wife of NHL Player and 3 time Stanley Cup winner, Niklas Hjalmarsson (Chicago Blackhawks), she is also a bag designer and a fashion/lifestyle blogger. Elina incorporates budget friendly clothes with her designer accessories. Her outfits are easy to recreate and perfect for date night OR girls’ night!


9. @somethingnavy

This mommy-to-be is the cutest! Her outfits are a bit on the expensive side, but all of her style is easy to mimic with more affordable pieces! Browse through her (AMAZING!) shoe collection and beautiful wedding pictures from last year. She’s based in New York City and started her blog in 2009. She has collaborated with brands like Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade. Trust me: once you see her account (as well as the others from this list), the quote, “Work hard so you can shop harder,” could not be truer!


10. @kateireneblue

Kate’s style is a great inspiration for special occasions to business casual days at work or school. Her outfits are budget friendly and once you get a glimpse of her Instagram, you’ll be obsessed! She is based in Houston, and most of her pieces can be purchased in her blog.


11. @sarahkjp

For all the preppy girls out there, this fashion blogger is for you! How could I not include the Queen of preppy! Her outfits are affordable and easy to master! Sarah Vickers is basically a walking J.Crew catalog, topped off with Tory Burch accessories.


12. @cath_belle

I don’t know what I love more from this Instagram account -her gorgeous, luscious hair or her outfits, either way, I’m jealous!


13. @kaitlynbristowe

The former Bachelorette contestant is now engaged to one very attractive looking man (and I know this thanks to Instagram)! Kaitlyn’s bubbly personality make you fall in love with her, and the picture’s of her fiance…will probably make you fall in love with him, too!


14. @preppy_girls

Are you a fan of Lilly Pulitzer, Hunter boots and J.Crew? Then this Instagram account is for you. The pictures are mostly of cute, preppy accessories to get you inspired.


15. @rachparcell

This new mom has amazing outfits in her closet! From designer clothes to affordable brands, Rachel’s style is a go-to for outfit inspiration! Aside from being a blogger, she’s also a jewelry designer from Salt Lake City. She created her blog in 2011.


16. @topstylez

This account is a collection of #OOTD (Outfit of the Day). From casual looks to outfits for a night out, I wish I owned all the outfits on this Instagram account!


17. @thehunt

Ever see an outfit and didn’t know where to get it? The Hunt is an amazing website (also an app) for you to check out! Post a picture of the outfit you’re obsessed with and someone will comment where you can purchase the exact (or similar) items! PLUS their Instagram account has some incredible fashion inspo.

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18. @michaelamcvoy

This blogger models for @shopimpressions, an online boutique selling affordable and stylish clothes. Her style is lay back and she wears pieces you can easily get your hands on.


19. @thedarlingdetail

Her outfits are effortless and classy! A go-to for school outfit inspiration. Jessi is a 22 year old blogger based in Austin.


20. @chiaraferragni

You are probably familiar with this Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni, one of the most important personalities in fashion. Her website, The Blond Salad, is a huge inspiration for style and she also has her own shoe line.


21. @songofstyle

Aimee Song has over 2 million followers on Instagram. She is based in Los Angeles and aside from being a fashion blogger, she is also an interior designer. Even though she wears high fashion brands, her style is laid back and easy to copy.


22. @kristinabazan

Kristina Bazan is also one the most important bloggers in the fashion industry. Her style is very elegant but she shows some laid back looks too that you can certainly get inspiration from.



Top image source: fashioncontainer.com
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