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21 Tips For Freshmen At Saint Rose College

21 Tips For Freshmen At Saint Rose College

1. It’s Strose, not Saint Rose.

You’ll understand when you get there.

2. You will run into UAlbany kids EVERYWHERE.

3. You’ll run into other college students at Crossgates, and only Crossgates.

4. You will learn about the fight of Madison’s vs. Parson’s.

And you might be forced to choose a side.

5. “I’m just gonna grab something quick from Camelot” doesn’t exist.

This is a total lie. You’ll see.

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6. Your dorm room will either seem like a decent sized walk in closet, or a shoe box.

Feel free to rearrange.

7. If you live in Lima or go often (me) you will learn that the security guards are CHILL AF.

Say hi. Make jokes. They are AMAZING.

8. You are either trekking to Walmart or running to Price Chopper.

There is no in between.


9. Your dining dollars are either sucked up by Camelot or Starbucks.

10. Or you can be in the 0.01% that goes off campus to Dunkin Donuts.

11. You will learn that everyone wears Strose apparel.


12. Some days there is little homework. Some days you end up like this.

13. You’re either slaying the game, or look like you crawled out of the trash.

It’s fine.
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14. Our summer = everyone is on the quad and life is great and sunny!

15. Our winter = what is this desolate wasteland?



16. Take the bus.

It won’t kill you.

17. IF you do take the bus, the bus drivers are CHILL AF.

Just like Strose security.

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18. Once you discover Ruby’s, there is no going back.

It automatically becomes first choice (right after Madison’s) for getting food.

19. There are people like this.

If you become one of them, that is absolutely okay.

20. There are a ton of free events.

Go to them. Just go.


21. This is going to be your view for the next four (or five) years.

Sit back and enjoy every amazing moment.

Bonus! You guys, there are OUTLETS on the quad. Freaking OUTLETS. You can charge your phone and still enjoy the sun!

Have any other tips for freshmen at Saint Rose College? Comment below!

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