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21 Tips For Freshmen At Mississippi State

21 Tips For Freshmen At Mississippi State

"What in the world am I going to pack? How am I going to fit in with all these upperclassman?" Here are some crucial tips for freshmen at Mississippi State.

Like me, you’ve probably just graduated high school and are ready to take on the next step in your life – college. If you’re reading this, you’ve most likely chosen to attend Mississippi State University. Hail State! You’re probably wondering, “what in the world am I going to pack?” or, “how am I going to fit in with all these upperclassman?” Well read on and I’ll give you some crucial tips for freshmen at Mississippi State.

tips for freshmen at Mississippi State

1. A good packing rule: you don’t need it.

Honestly, you don’t need half of the things you think you need. A friend of mine packed a mini steamer as a freshmen at Mississippi State, thinking she would use it all of the time; she used it twice. After that, it just took up space in her closet. She found herself just wearing jeans and a t-shirt most days to class anyway.

tips for freshmen at MIssissippi State


2. Pack lightly.

It’s such a hassle trying to move in as is. To make it an easier process, pack lightly. Don’t bring all of your clothes and knick knacks; just bring your favorites. You’ll find yourself only wearing or using those anyway. Also, pack in seasons. Keep your winter clothes at home. During a break, bring your summer clothes home and your winter clothes to school. It’s much less time and effort on moving day if you do so. Trust me.

tips for freshmen

3. You’ll receive t-shirts galore.

Try to only bring your top five favorite t-shirts, because as a college freshman, you’ll receive a bunch of free tees.

tips for freshmen



4. Go Greek.

MSU has an 18% to 20% participation rate in the Greek system. Compared to universities such as Louisiana State University, 20% is next to nothing. Because of this, recruitment is not as scary or competitive. This makes it easier to join. Going Greek has its advantages, such as making friends, having a place to crash other than your dorm, and doing fun activities with your brothers/sisters.

tips for freshmen

5. Join clubs.

Joining clubs as a freshmen at Mississippi State can be a great way to meet new people and do something you’re interested in during your spare time. It can also be a way for you to get to know the university a bit more.


tips for freshmen

6. Support the bulldogs at sporting events.

Going to sporting events is a great, enjoyable thing to do in college. While supporting your team, you get to meet new people that you may not be able to interact with in classes or clubs.

tips for freshmen at Mississippi State

7. Tailgate.

Tailgating is, again, a great way to meet new people. It’s fun in the sun before the big game!


tips for freshmen at Mississippi State

8. Don’t be a dorm rat.

Get out of your dorm every once in a while. Staying cooped up in your dorm room doesn’t present any opportunities to meet people.

tips for freshmen

9. Leave your door open.

Leaving your door open on the day of move in, or when you’re just chilling in your room, is a great way to say, “hey, come on in and chat!” It’s inviting and more homey.


tips for freshmen!

10. Beat the freshman 15 by utilizing the Sanderson Center.

Exercising at MSU is as easy as it can be with the Sanderson Center. Whether you want to go for a few laps in the pool or just run on the treadmill, the Sanderson Center is there for you. Plus, there are personal trainers – free of charge – who are there to help you out!

tips for freshmen at MIssissippi State - beat the freshman 15!

11. Bike to class.

MSU is a large campus, but not large enough to have to drive everywhere. Yes, walking to and from your dorm room everyday can be draining. Suggestion: bike. Biking is a fun (but most importantly fit) alternative to driving.


tips for freshmen - use a bike!

12. Kill time on the Drill Field.

The Drill Field is a place most students like to hang out between classes, or on the weekends. It’s used to play pick-up games of football, Frisbee, or even Quidditch.

tips for freshmen at Mississippi State - kill time on the Drill Field




13. Take advantage of Shackouls Honors College.

The Shackouls Honors College is the perfect way to get smaller class sizes, which, in turn, allows you to receive a more intimate environment with your peers and professor.

tips for freshmen

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14. Only take as many hours as you can handle.

Taking 15 to 16 hours isn’t for most people, so if you want to stay at 12 because that’s all you can handle, do so.


tips for freshmen at Mississippi State

15. Take courses outside your course track.

Take classes that are creative and fun. This takes away from the stress of your other classes.

tips for freshmen - take classes outside your major to maximize creativity!

16. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in class.

Asking questions in class may be scary, but it’s necessary. Don’t worry about what other students think of you; just ask the question if you need help understanding.


tips for freshmen

17. Go to office hours.

Your professors have office hours for a reason, to help you. If you want your paper looked at before it’s due or you have a question about the reading, visit your professor during their office hours. This is majorly helpful!

tips for freshmen - take advantage of office hours!

18. Use a study buddy.

Study with friends from class to create a fun, relaxed study environment, where you can bounce ideas off of each other.


tips for freshmen - use a study buddy!

19. Have a relationship with your professors.

The more they know about you, the better. This is essential when you need recommendation letters, or just advice. Being close with your professor as a freshmen at Mississippi State has its advantages.

tips for freshmen at Mississippi State - get to know your professors!

20. Use Counseling Services.

The Counseling center is there for you; use it. It’s free counseling, so when you feel stressed or anxious, make an appointment.


tips for freshmen - use counseling services to your benefit

21. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

You’re a freshman at Mississippi State; it’s okay to not know anything. No one is expecting you to know everything. It’s okay. Ask for help when you need it!

tips for freshmen - ask for help!
Have any other tips for freshmen at Mississippi State?
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