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21 Things You Only Understand If You Lived In Peabody at Temple

21 Things You Only Understand If You Lived In Peabody at Temple


Peabody Hall is located on Norris Street; it’s a communal-style dorm with four floors. Each dorm has its own stories and experiences. People often start rumors about Peabody because it’s one of the oldest buildings on campus. Keep reading to find out what’s really like to live in Peabody!



1. The first night living at Peabody.

You brush your teeth, put on your pajamas, and wrap yourself in a blanket. Then, you hear sirens, cars honking, and people yelling right outside. You think to yourself, “how am I going to survive a year of this?!” You cover your ears and try your best to get some sleep.

2. Waking up to the sounds of construction.

Temple is currently working on building their new library, which is going to be located right across from Peabody. The construction workers begin early in the AM, which means you’ll be waking up to the sounds of loud drilling and destruction…



We’ve all heard this before. No one likes that feeling when you get your shower caddy ready and put on your towel, only to look outside and see that the bathrooms are closed for cleaning.

4. No elevator access.

Nothing is more embarrassing than waiting for an elevator, only to be told you’re not actually allowed to use it. Maintenance workers are the only people who have year-round access to the Peabody elevators. This is especially inconvenient when you have to take a 24-pack of water bottles to your dorm, especially if you’re on the 4th floor. It’s also annoying when you need to take your enormous art project downstairs!


5. The smell in the hallways.

Smoking is not allowed in dorms, but some people do it anyway. Dorms are small, and because the vents connect to every room, so you can smell it everywhere. The RAs have to knock on everyone’s door to see where it’s coming from.


6. Having an art studio right downstairs.

If you’re an art student living in Peabody, you know how helpful it is to have an art studio right downstairs. The Tyler studios close at midnight, but the Peabody studio is open 24/7. This means you always have a place to work on your projects, as well as a place to store them!

7. The incredible staff.

Peabody has the friendliest staff. From the security guards to the maintenance workers, all of them always have big smiles on their faces and love to say hello!


8. Rarely using your mailbox.

Do you even remember where your combination is? When you finally find it, it will probably still take you a few tries before you manage to open it.


9. Being right next to J&H dining hall.

Let’s be real: how many times have you chosen to eat at J&H just because it’s close by? Whether it’s in between classes or late at night, J&H is super convenient.

10. Doing laundry on the fourth floor.

If you live on the first or second floors, you know that nothing is more annoying than when all the washers and dryers are full on the second floor. It means you have to carry your bag of laundry and detergent all the way up to the fourth floor… (And remember, you can’t use the elevator!)


11. Being so close to the Tyler School of Art.

If you’re an art student at Peabody, nothing is better than having most of your classes just down the street. Sometimes you hear other people talk about commuting, or living blocks away at an apartment…but you’re lucky enough to be just a few minutes away. This makes it much easier to carry around your portfolio bag or larger art projects.

12. Seeing amazing art projects everywhere.

There are so many art students who live in Peabody. You see new projects everyday, such as wood shop or ceramic projects, paintings, drawings, etc. During finals week, you might even see projects sitting in the hallways. It’s always exciting to see what other people are working on.


13. Saying hi to everyone.

Since Peabody is a small building, everyone gets to know each other. People often sit in the lounge, talk in the hallways, or leave their doors open for others to come in. Everyone at Peabody is so friendly!

14. Getting used to the noise outside.

After a while, the city sounds don’t bother you anymore. You’re familiar with hearing sirens, loud voices, and car alarms; that’s just an average night at Peabody. You’re so tired…you can sleep through anything.

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15. Always hearing music while you shower.

Somebody is always playing music when you’re in the shower. You can’t help but sing along!


16. Relaxing in the lounge.

You know that if you’re going to be up late studying, the best place is to go to your floor’s lounge. It’s a nice and quiet place to do your work without having to go to the Tech Center or the library.

17. Having to sit through floor meetings.

You might not like sitting through meetings, but you know it’s almost always important. Plus, it usually only lasts a few minutes.


18. Always looking out for each other.

You know that your floormates will be there for you if you need them. Whether that means holding your hair back after one too many drinks, or listening to you vent about something, they’ve always got your back.

19. The ghost of Gertrude.

One of the first things you probably heard about Peabody was the ghost of Gertrude Peabody. There are rumors that she still roams the building…especially during breaks.


20. People judge you for living in Peabody.

How many times have you heard someone say, “I’m so glad I don’t live in Peabody” or “You live in Peabody? I’m so sorry.” It seems that most of the people who actually talk about Peabody are the ones who don’t even live in it. They often exaggerate the conditions of the building and only judge Peabody based off of rumors.



No matter what anybody says about Peabody, you know that you wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. The incredible people that you met and the memories you made will be with you forever.

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