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21 Signs You Go to Rutgers University

21 Signs You Go to Rutgers University

Keep reading for 21 signs you go to Rutgers University!

1. You are 100% aware that the buses at rush hour are your personal version of hell.

2. Eating the fat sandwich your freshman year was both the best and the worst decision of your life.

3. You get more information about RU from the snap story more than the actual app.

4. You know that trying to get on a bus to the football game is one of the 12 labors of Hercules, but you go and do it anyway.

5. Riding the bus while drunk gives you more school spirit than the actual football games.

6. You keep wanting to go to the Passion Puddle but your single-ness is secretly in disbelief that you’ll actually marry the person you’ll go with to it.

7. You know that the pre-football game tailgates are just bright blurs of scarlet and LOTS of booze and music.

8. You scoff at those who pronounce Neilson like how it’s actually spelled. It’s NEL-SON, duh!

9. The RU Screw has hit you WAY too many times.

The worst is when you’re registering for classes.

10. Stan’s bus is the most motivational place you’ve ever been; that man is great and the people that argue otherwise probably weren’t listening to him.

11. The library during finals week is more crowded than Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

12. Crime alerts are a thing of normalcy.

13. RUPD don’t joke around; you’ve parked in a parking lot without a pass at least once and gotten a ticket for it.

14. You know about that ONE person on SAKAI always asking for notes because, for some reason, going to class is a foreign concept to them.

15. You were late to class when your bus driver decided to stop for a casual ten-minute break.

16. Commandment #1 of being a Rutgers student: Thou shalt hate on Penn State unconditionally.

17. You’ve had it till the seventh pit of hell when some kid on the bus claims the empty seat next to them is “for my backpack”.

18. You go home most weekends when there aren’t home football games or events.

19. Your closet is 70% white and scarlet clothes, and these were mostly obtained from random on-campus events, for free.

20. Driving home from campus, you’ve seen every other car on the highway sporting a bright red R.

21. You know Rutgers is the best school in the world anyway, and you wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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