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21 Signs You Go To OSU

Keep reading for 21 signs you go to OSU!

1. You despise that team up north.

If not during the whole year, at least during that last week’s game in November.

2. You know the pain of class scheduling is oh-so-very real.

You’ve made at least 3 back up ones in schedule planner, and you’re wide awake when your window opens in hopes of getting what you want among 60,000 other students.

3. You understand that getting across campus in 15 minutes is nearly impossible.

It can be done, but it cuts it too close when you have to Bob and weave through all the other students coming and going from lectures.

4. You worship Crimson Cup.

Although it’s no Starbucks, Crimson Cup is a lifesaver when you’re studying at any of the libraries and just need a break. They create new flavors every month too, so you never get bored with the Ohio brewed coffee blend.


5. You know finding parking is impossible.

From no parking anywhere near the stadium on game days to the garages almost always being full, you know you’re better off buying a pass on West campus or even not bringing a car at all.

6. You know the hassle of going anywhere near Lane Avenue on game day…

The road totally shuts down. I once sat there for an hour just trying to get to the next stoplight. If you’re looking to go there in game day, don’t.

7. You know what the “shoe” means.

For some people it might not make sense, but you know it refers to your beloved stadium.

8. You know what TBDBITL stands for.

The best damn band in the land. And you won’t let anyone forget just how great your marching band is.

9. You know the chant to Seven Nation Army.

It is a tradition to chant it at football games, even if alt music isn’t your thing, you’ll know this one…

10. Script Ohio is one of your favorite traditions.

Just like #8. Though it’s part of the halftime show, script Ohio can be just as great to witness as the game itself.

11. You know if you can find high street you can get back to your dorm.

Even if your Saturday night takes you far east of High, as long as you can get back there, you’ll be alright.

12. You prefer buckeye doughnuts over any other doughnuts.

Though it’s small and the line often goes out the door, it’s worth it. Especially for those red velvet doughnuts…

13. You’re well versed in the number 18 and number 2 bus schedules.

These are the lines that run downtown and around campus. You and your best friends take this when you want to get off campus and explore Columbus.

14. You’ve eaten at Sloopy’s.

Okay. Maybe not. But you’ve heard of the infamous dinner and swore you’d end up there one day.

15. Big bar is your favorite.

Woah for letting 18 year-olds in.


16. You know the hell that is getting football tickets.

If you’re a freshman and want something more than just the student section, better pray.

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17. You own more scarlet and gray than you know what to do with.

Are this many Ohio State shirts necessary? Yes. Having one for every day of the month is normal.

18. You know the 11th floor of the library is the best place to study.

With its picturesque view and silent atmosphere, it’s great for cramming for finals.

19. Despite that, you know to avoid Thompson those last few weeks.

No seats and too many people stressing out? Better off looking at the biological sciences library down by the towers.

20. You swear by Mirror Lake Creamery.

Is there any better ice cream on campus? That would be a no.


21. You know all the words to “Carmen Ohio”.

Though you probably only heard it once before a football game, the words just come to you when signing it after that first victory.


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Sarah Holbert

Sarah is a sophomore at Ohio State University studying English and Political Science, and living for the '90s grunge Pandora station and iced coffee.

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