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21 Signs You Go To Northeastern

21 Signs You Go To Northeastern

Our Husky pride comes from all directions of the world, and if you’re one of us, you’ll understand these 21 signs you go to Northeastern.

1. Your friends come and go with the seasons.

Freshman year is basically the only year everyone is around, and even that’s susceptible to change. #NUin #SeeYouIn4-6Months

2. You’ve risked your life running in front of the Huntington T.

Whether you’re listening to music and accidentally forget to check for the speeding train coming your way, or you would rather die than take your calc final, Huntington is always full of excitement and a solid reminder of mortality. Go ahead MBTA, pay my tuition.


3. The Underwear Run was your ultimate test of endurance.

I only ran it halfway and then crossed through the fountain, but I looked good doing it, so whatever.

4. You <3 co-op.

Your resume looks lit and your evenings are pretty free, but those early mornings and long commutes got you screaming, “take me back to classes!”

5. You have the only Taco Bell in Boston on your campus.

The tour guides know to make a big deal out of it during your Accepted Students Tour, and you know they’re right. It’s kind of half the reason you go here.

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6. You age seven years every time you have to wait in the sandwich line at Rebecca’s.

But you know that fresh Jessica special will make up for it (until the NUin kids get to campus and the lines are so long you’re begging for a new plague).

7. You’re tempted to buy junk food at Wolly’s right after a work out.

“I was on the treadmill for 12 minutes today; I definitely deserve a bag of snickers and a diet coke,” said everyone leaving Marino ever.

8. Finding a good spot in Snell is hell.

When the library live-ins form a coup out of whiteboards and room dividers, and you can no longer tell if someone is studying or snoring, you are in our beloved Snell.


9. You have to explain co-op to everyone you meet.

No, I don’t really have summers. Yeah, I’m okay with it. Yeah, I’ll be here for five years. NO, I’m not a screw up. I have a real job mom, I promise!

10. You don’t consider jaywalking illegal.

This one goes hand in hand with the one about the MBTA, and our lack of value for human life. If a car hits me, I won’t have to go to orgo right?

11. “I have to skip class for an interview” is a valid excuse.

But after six interviews and no calls back, I’d rather be in class. Someone hire me already; I look damn good in a suit!


12. Seeing people in suits is more common than seeing people in sweatpants.

When you have to dress better for a presentation, a job fair, or an on-campus interview, than you do for Sunday Mass, you know it’s real.

13. The freshman 15 is real.

It’s hard to stay in shape when there are four Mexican fast food restaurants and about seven well known pizza places basically on campus. Not to mention food trucks and all you can eat dining halls. Shout out to Stetson East and their under baked cookies that melt in your mouth; it was definitely worth the possible salmonella.

14. You’ve waited three hours for Wings Over Boston.

The night was young when you ordered those honey BBQ wings, but now you’ll be lucky if you get halfway through your meal without passing out from exhaustion. How is it already 2:30 a.m.?! Where are my waffle fries?!?!

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15. You only have school spirit for hockey.

Who needs football when you have an arena with a capacity of 6,000, and the occasional free t shirt?
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16. Slack lining is a sport, and you have to mentally prepare for when it hits 50 degrees.

It’s not even dress weather yet, but that won’t stop the barefooted Centennial dwellers from hitting the slacks; and then hitting the floor because no matter how athletic or pretentious you are, no one can stay up there that long.


17. It’s normal for people to ask you, “how’s Chicago?”

Don’t you mean Northwestern? If you can’t tell the difference between East and West, we have bigger problems here.

18. You know it sucks to BU.

We may not have summers. We may not have a football team. We may not have Greek houses. But at least we are not Boston University, because “sucks to BU” is just too clever to outlive.

19. The only time you see your president is for a selfie.

President Aoun, I hope you’re reading this: WHERE IS MY SELFIE?


20. You have to go all the way to Cambridge for a decent frat party.

Not that we don’t love trekking up a hill in our cute white Converse just to stain them in your humid basement; but your random house with old neighbors on each side (on whatever obscure street) might not be the best place for this, don’t you think? Kidding, we love you. Never change.

21. IV is either playing bachata or OneRepublic; there is no in between.

As a proud Latina, I’m always happy to bust a bachata move in the salad bar line, but if I have to hear Stop and Stare one more time, I’m doing to stop and smash my tray on the ground. Throw some Rihanna in the mix, DJ IV.

Have any other signs you go to Northeastern? Comment below!

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